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posted : 2007.Oct.16 @ 12.37am
The Metapause Art Collective

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A new art collective is being formed in Olympia, Washington.
Centered on the sacralization of the local art flow~

Welcome. Surprised

posted : 2007.Oct.17 @ 6.40am
Beautiful stars, to be a local to that area!
Well, as a planetary local I just may attend some day.
The flyer is flush with beauty.
metaphysically yours,
Sylvain Smile

posted : 2007.Oct.26 @ 11.03pm
It seems appropriate to mention that over the summer I took part in a workshop summer called the visionary art intensive, run by the loved and respected artists Alex and Allyson Grey. What transpired was one of the great connective experiences of my short adult life, and that's saying a lot. I can sing their praise in what occured during the short span I spent at the Omega Institute workshop to no end. So much shared insight, and vigorous persistence. What the workshop consisted in was 80 or so dedicated art and spirit enthusiasts locked in a gym for a week. What a meaningful congregation of scintillating sentience, lasering in on some deeply relevant realities, and facing some unlocked potential to boot. Led expertly by the artists Alex and Allyson. There were some interesting thought exercises. Great togetherness...

Oh look! Suddenly, we're awakening rare energy pathways and sharing vision. The animate workshop environment is a living embroidery of people who are making spirit bridges.
The Grey Masters sure know how to architect awakening, but like they said in their own way, we can be and are too if we choose. So, props my associate! I am so for you!

Really, may the workshop be as terrific as it can become!
May we become as great as we choose to become!
All blessings to Allyson and Alex, and may the Chapel take permanent that we can see what Allyson's tiles stack up like as mosaics. Supreme celestial sparks of beauty indeed. Anyways, good thoughts coming at ya.

posted : 2007.Oct.28 @ 5.27pm

Thank you Sylvain.
Your experience with the Greys sounds potent.
I wanted to attend the Venosa / Hoffmann workshop in November,
but alas, classes interruptus~ Smile

Are we sleeping silently in the den in the threadertransportship? //

posted : 2007.Oct.31 @ 6.48pm
Potent:asis (!)
It would be good to take the Venosa/Hoffman workshop
as it seems like your work's attuned to some of what's
going on with Robert and Martina's flow...
Glassy curves caressing and glowing, restlessly wrenching heart and mind
in accordance with life...
Happy classes Smile

Keeping the book open to be written in...
the space is clear
for new life to take effect.


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