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posted : 2005.Jan.26 @ 9.27am
This is a place for audial tidbits, song fragments, cool samples, even web based vibrations.
The idea came about because when I switched computers and started going through all my files
I kept finding all this fun stuff. We can use this thread like a sonic scrapyard, adding and taking.

This crazy thing was,
correct me if I'm wrong fellas,
something Yelo, Rychard and
I had all sketched on. It's not
a finished thought just the need
to manifest the idea into more
than an imagined abstraction.
This file is a good example of
a sound shard.
>> Lazy Sunday Drive

These are fragments of a synth conversation that Rychard and I had years ago.
One midi arpeggio with roughly every other note sent to one of two synths.
>> BOEsynthtalk1
>> BOEsynthtalk2
>> BOEsynthtalk3

From the film Logan's Run
This one is for Jamberi. >> Capricorn 15s
I played it along with your robot themed
piece. Even though it took some volume
adjustments and it wasn't in perfect time
the vibe was good. I like the retro space
mood some of your pieces have and if not
this one perhaps something else from
vintage Sci Fi would be nice to sprinkle
on a tune or two. I am a little sample
crazy and Rychard is an enabler. Very Happy

... and a bonus shard for Mr. Yelo >> Are You a Dreamer?

The Wanderer from Waking Life

posted : 2005.Jan.26 @ 11.17pm
fantastic idea there Mr. Torn'Loc.... I remember that lazy sunday drive endeavor, I can't remember what is was I did in the jam but I remember it none the less.
so many wild assed ideas floating around my 60 gigs of pure audio scrap.
This should be fun.

1. This was an internet collab with a long time homey of mine who goes by the name Algernon.
He's really quite good, maybe someday he' ll post here....
It's totally not finished and most likely won't be but I'm grateful for the chance to showcase it just the same.
>> Electrocaine

2. This is a Hyper Dimensional collab with my imaginary friend Lex Loc.
Try it, you'll like it.... or not :finga: . It's about a flesh eating kissing disease that makes you dance yourself into a pile of soup. I cannot and will not tell you what I was thinking, nor will Lex.
>> Lock the Door

3. When I was but a teen, there were these 2 hardcore crystal meth addict brothers who lived accross the street from me. They Used to kick it in the basement making tattoo machines out of walkmans all day long. This song was inspired by them... the legendary "Fontucky Twins". Now I bestow it unto you.
>> My Biggest Trip

May your horses multiply,

posted : 2005.Jan.30 @ 4.38pm
Excellent. Thanks for helping me get this idea started, Mr. Melo.
I have always liked Electrocaine.

I have a Pioneer CMX-3000 named Captain Nemo.

>> Tweaky Thingy
Here's a shard I made with it some time back.
It slices! It dices! It swirls CDs together just like magic!

posted : 2005.Jan.30 @ 6.30pm
captain nemo is intense
there should defenitely be more of that.

and melo, it would be great to hear electrocaine developed more

posted : 2005.Feb.01 @ 11.35pm
Sweet mix air Pulsing Love I love this image as well.

Maybe someday Marc, I lost all my cubase projects a while ago when I upgraded to OSX, not to mention lost all my sidstation patches in a faulty sysex operation Crying or Very sad
Hopefully I have the capacity to surpass this one several times over, somewhere in there....

posted : 2005.Feb.03 @ 8.04am
I just went all the way through this thread.
Great idea, great content.

Air, the Lazy Sunday Drive brings back some great memories.
We need to do some more synth jams.
Tweaky Thingy is great, I'll second that Marc, make more...

Melo, I love Electrocaine.
I also feel your upgrade pain. I just sold my old sampler and had to come to terms with the idea that all of those unfinished projects will now remain unfinished. Sad but healthy.

Here is a rare sound shard.
These are the voices from the background of Pink Floyd's ' Dark Side Of The Moon', all by them selves.
>> Voices

posted : 2007.Oct.10 @ 9.24pm
I love this thread. >> Tripping the Light Fantasia

This is a sweet's an old (8yrs) Bottom of the Echo

treasure we've never posted. It appeared only on the "Solstice 99" CD

from DJ Shadowshow.The samples are from the original Disney film Fantasia.


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