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posted : 2007.Sep.29 @ 12.26am
ancient gramma tree : do you remember me?

my dream recalls this time when we acquainted
pulsing cells flow in and out to light the worlds we painted
tomes of life we set into the future space behold
where anyone could trust, befriend and into us they grow

i guess i'll never know

we dreamt the time into a loop of gold
to carry us through everything and scribe the way we'd flown
everyone we worlded into prayer so we could sleep
and in the slumber simply let : but never fly too deep

that everything is shown

a song of perfect trust into your heart
and breathe like how the planets seem to dance you in as art
o gramma hymn that opens eyes and calls the heaven down
i feel you holding space for earth to crown

ehhh my gramma tree ... it's me

- alornia


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