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posted : 2004.Jul.14 @ 8.00am
Photos, sketches, digital pieces.... whatever. Have fun.

posted : 2004.Jul.15 @ 12.35pm

Me and Poxin enjoying the sunshine, IN MIDAIR!

posted : 2004.Jul.16 @ 12.51pm

sometimes i am! photoshop heavy, but this is because i love it so-o much!

posted : 2004.Jul.18 @ 2.17am
Yes, D. I can feel your soo much heavy love for photoshop with my eyeball.

posted : 2004.Jul.18 @ 9.45pm
Fear the highly idealized pocket!
Put it coffee noise.
Take it to school and drive the TANK.
Take it tonight! TONIGHT!

Ahhhhhh ahhhhhhhh znit.

posted : 2004.Jul.19 @ 7.47pm
... and avar

posted : 2004.Jul.24 @ 9.08am
Sailing the seas of weed
Image no longer hosted.

posted : 2004.Jul.25 @ 2.37pm
remix of Poib's latest

posted : 2004.Jul.31 @ 9.19am
remix of old trent self

posted : 2004.Aug.03 @ 7.53pm
Well hello sweeties!

posted : 2004.Aug.08 @ 1.56am

'Allo, Puppet!
We are pleased you could join us.
Your selfs are always so delicious.

posted : 2004.Aug.08 @ 7.06pm
something about this one really works for me! nice.

posted : 2004.Aug.09 @ 6.49am
I like that the area around you is pristine and your actions are such that one would think that you are amidst turmoil. That is a great juxtaposition. Your body language conveys a wonderful feeling of action.


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