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posted : 2007.Aug.04 @ 4.51pm
Hello all
I wanted to share some writing from my all time favorite Book "The White Sands Incident"

an Autobiography of a Rocket Scientist at the White Sands Proving Grounds in New Mexico in the 50's
who had a close encounter of the third kind, was taken aboard a Flying Saucer and communicated with the being over several years.

This is an excerpt from a chapter titled------- "ALAN'S MESSAGE TO THE PEOPLE OF EARTH"
a passage where the Alien (claiming in the book, that his race once inhabited Earth and is an Ancestor of our race),
speaks about the problems on Earth

Remember this was written in the 50's
but he explains exactly what is wrong Today and how to fix it
would love to hear what you think on this one as it is one of the most brilliantly stated things I have ever read.

peace HM

Three Branches of Science"
"There are three types or branches of science which are necessary for the proper development of mankind: the Spiritual Science, the Social Science and the Physical or Material Science. The spiritual and social sciences must come first. There can be no development of the material science unless there first exists a foundation of the spiritual and social sciences. You can prove this to yourself by considering the difference between man and the animals. The animal has no spiritual or social science and consequently has never developed a material science. A few of your insects such as the ant and the bee have developed a rudimentary form of social science to the extent that they are able to live together in large numbers, work together for their mutual welfare, and have a form of discipline which is common to all. As a result of this they also have developed a very limited material science, in that they do erect structures, and store food against a future time of need. The fact, however, that they have no spiritual science has proven an absolute bar to further development with the result that they have not advanced a single: step in thousands of years.

"Mankind, on the other hand, has, from the very beginning of his development, sensed the fact that there is a supreme power and intelligence which pervades and controls all nature. Man's attitude toward this power has varied from fear and resentment, to reverence and love, but always he has had the desire to learn more of the nature of this power. Thus the spiritual science had its beginning in the very dawn of human intelligence. With the realization that man could improve the conditions of his life only by co-operation, came the first tribal gatherings which were the beginning of the social science.

"From the foundation provided by these two sciences the superstructure of the material science began to emerge, and here begins the problem. The development of the material science, being constantly stimulated by the ever increasing needs and desires of the body, progresses normally according to the square of time. This too, you can prove to yourself if you consider the inventions and material developments which have taken place within the last thirty of your years, compare them with the development of the previous one hundred years and then compare that in turn, with the previous one thousand years. You will see at once that the development of the material science takes place at a rate which is constantly accelerating. The spiritual and social sciences on the other hand, progress normally; only directly with time, and even this rate of progress is not always maintained.

"You now have the problem of a huge and massive structure, growing at an ever increasing rate, standing upon, and supported only by a foundation which is growing at a much smaller rate. It is obvious that unless some means are found to stimulate greatly the growth of the foundation, a time will inevitably come when the structure will collapse upon that foundation, bringing ruin and destruction to both. This has occurred before upon your earth, and your civilization has now entered the stage where it is likely to occur again.

"Your race is now in constant danger of total destruction by an agency which it has itself produced. Why should a people be menaced by their own creations? Simply because they have not progressed far enough in the spiritual and social sciences to enable them to determine the uses to which their creations shall be put.

"Most of the thinkers of your race are well aware of the danger inherent in the use of nuclear weapons, but there is another aspect of the problem which is not generally recognized. That is the fact that unless unity is achieved between your nations, the very existence of such weapons will eventually bring about the downfall of your civilization, even though they are never used. The truth of this fact can he understood by anyone who will think a little. Civilizations are built and maintained by men of vision, who think and work for the future. What man will be willing to dedicate his life and his work to the benefit of generations yet unborn, when the foreseeable: future does not extend beyond the next twenty-four hours?

"Already many articles have appeared in your newspapers and magazines, commenting upon the rapid rise of what they describe as juvenile delinquency. Some writers place the blame upon the parents, some upon the schools, others blame the church or the state. Actually none of these agencies are especially at fault. The condition is due principally to the fact that youth is particularly sensitive to a condition of insecurity, (any of your psychologists will verify this) and never in the history of your race has the future been less secure.

"It has been publicly stated by one of your highest government officials, that the political and military tension between your government and the government of Russia may continue at its present level for the next forty years. This would mean that two more generations of your people would be born and reared under the constant threat of imminent annihilation. No civilization which the universe has yet produced could endure under these conditions."

"I think I understand the problem now," I said. "But what about the solution? There are many people who sense the hazard of our present position, but their advice varies. Some say that we should halt the development of the material science, stop working with advanced conceptions of any sort, and prohibit the study of nuclear physics. Others go even further and say that we should destroy the material science entirely and `go back to nature,' living as the animals do."

"If you were in the, process of erecting a large new building," Alan replied. "and you suddenly discovered

that, because of a miscalculation, the foundation was not going to be strong enough to support the structure, would you at once begin to tear it down? Hardly! You would instead, if you were at all intelligent, begin at once to seek the means to enlarge and strengthen the foundation.

"The progress of the material science cannot successfully be halted. Either it will go forward, or it will go back. If it goes back, it will collapse because of the fact that the principal supporting members will be the first to weaken under a program of retrogression. There is nothing that is intrinsically wrong with your material science. It will progress and expand to horizons as yet undreamed of, if only your people will provide a foundation capable of supporting it."

"And if they do not?" I asked. "Then your civilization will go down," Alan replied slowly. "It will destroy itself in a holocaust which will leave few survivors. Those few who do survive will have neither the ability nor the desire to rebuild their science. In a few generations their descendants will have returned almost to the level of the animal. Then the process of evolution will begin again. In fifteen or twenty thousand years another civilization will emerge. It will face the same problems and have the same opportunity for their solution. If it fails, it will in turn go down. This is an immutable law of the universe, but one which operates according to the free choice of the race. Your race and your culture are not doomed to extinction, they may continue upon their upward course until they have left this danger behind them forever. The choice is yours."

"There is little doubt," I said, "which choice the people would make, if they were aware of the alternatives between which they were choosing."

"Precisely," Alan replied. "That is why we are here, and that is why you are here."

"As I have said before: our ancestors were a group of survivors of the last complete collapse of civilization on this planet. This was more than thirty thousand years ago as you measure time today, but even then they had developed a material science which was, in some respects at least, considerably advanced over your present position. They followed the natural laws, instead of pitting one against the other as your science does, so that their devices were much simpler, and yet they could accomplish things which you have not yet been able to do. They, too, failed to realize the absolute necessity of an equal development of the spiritual and social values.

"A political and social cleft developed between the two principal nations of that era. Friction between the two increased yearly, until at last it explodedinto a war of annihilation. Weapons of absolute energy were used by each nation against the other, weapons whose destructive power was a thousand times greater than that of the Hydrogen bomb which threatens your race today. There was no question of victory or defeat. They simply destroyed each other. There were few survivors and the radiation level of the entire surface of the planet had been raised beyond human tolerance. This did not mean that all survivors were doomed to immediate death from the radiation, but it did mean that progressive deterioration of the mental and biological functions, together with the large number of mutations which would be produced in succeeding generations, would, eventually, bring their level of existence down almost to that of the beast.

"On a high plateau, in what is now the country of Tibet, six of our aerial craft had been landed by their crews. A council was held to determine what, if anything, could be done.

"It was suggested that an attempt be made to reach another planet. The aerial craft then in use were capable of traveling in space and had been frequently used to reach elevations of a few hundred miles above the surface of the earth. However, no attempt had yet been made to leap the gulf between planets and the crew members were far from certain that such an attempt would prove successful.

"The planet, which you now know as Mars, was then in conjunction with the earth and, at that time, the surface conditions of temperature, atmosphere, water, etc., were much better suited for human survival than the conditions which your astronomers report to exist at the present time.

"A vote was taken and the members of the crews of four of the craft elected to take the huge gamble in the hope of preserving thereby, at least a portion of the culture of the race.

"The remaining crew members believed that because of the elevation of the plateau on which they were gathered and the comparatively low level of the radiation which existed there, that they could continue to live in this area without suffering complete physical or mental degeneration in themselves or their descendants. They elected to remain.

"Since I can see the question which is forming in your mind, I will explain that this race had achieved perfect equality of the sexes and both were about equally represented in this council. Of the four craft which essayed the great leap, three arrived safely at their destination. There is no record in our history as to the fate of the fourth.

"For many generations the grim struggle for survival demanded the entire time and energy of the people. These were the dark ages of the new race

and we have comparatively little knowledge of this period. However, the original crew members, immediately after their arrival upon the new planet, compiled a carefully written history of the races of earth, pointing out the reasons for their downfall. Throughout the intervening centuries this history has been carefully preserved. It is known as 'The Great Lesson' and is the first thing which is taught to all of our youth when they begin to prepare themselves for active life.

"As the battle for survival was gradually won, the development of the material science resumed its normal pattern but with the lessons of the past constantly before our people, it was maintained always in its proper relationship to the social and spiritual values. We have found that all three of the sciences have the same basic natural laws and we have come far in their understanding.

"We are now essentially independent of planets. Some of our craft are very large, judged by your standards. They are many times the size of your largest ships. We are able to produce all of the necessities and comforts of our physical lives within these craft and since we have mastered the problem of energy, we have no personal need to land upon any of the planets, except occasionally to obtain raw material for new construction.

"The satisfaction of our own physical needs now requires but little time and effort, consequently we are able to devote much of our thought and energy to the assistance of those races which have not yet passed the critical point in their development."

"Can you give me some specific instructions?"

I said. "Some definite information which I can pass along to anyone whom I can persuade to listen?" "There is little need to do this." Alan replied. "Your own philosophers, both past and present; have given your people ample instruction, ample wisdom to enable them to chart the proper course if they can only be made to realize the absolute necessity of following it.

"If a man with a blindfold over his eyes were rushing toward a cliff, a great effort might be to turn him away from the danger. However, if the blindfold is removed, (a much less difficult task) no further effort is necessary, since the man will now turn of his own accord.

"There are many statements in your books of religion and philosophy which show that the great thinkers of your race down through the ages, have been well aware of the dangers of concentration on material science. In the first book of your Bible there is the story of the Tower of Babel, of a race which had lost sight of the spiritual science entirely and were attempting to reach God by the work of their hands. The attempt ended, of course, in frustration and chaos as such attempts always do.

"The development of the social and spiritual sciences becomes almost automatic if the vital necessity of that development is understood by everyone.

"If reduced to the simplest terms, social science is the study of man's relationship to his fellow man. The spiritual science is the study of man's relationship to God. The indispensable requirement for progress in either of these sciences is a sincere desire for a better understanding.
Incorrect Translation of Bible

"One of the errors which was made in the translation of your Bible was that the words `love' and `charity' were used when the words of the original text actually meant `understand' and `understanding.' In your Bible it is stated that the greatest commandment of all is this--`Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind and with all thy strength.' The translation should have been `Thou shalt strive to understand.' There is no need to command man to love God. If man understands God, love follows inevitably.

"Again, there is the statement, `Though I speak with the tongues of men and angels and have not charity (understanding) I am become as sounding
brass or a tinkling cymbal.' It is obvious that no matter how fluently a man may speak, his words can have no real meaning unless he understands that of which he speaks.

"Your books of philosophy state that man should love his neighbor and forgive his enemies. Ours say that if a man understands his neighbor and his neighbor understands him, they will never become enemies. Understanding your fellow man requires the ability to put yourself in his place and to see things as he sees them. There is a great difference between knowledge and understanding. The seat of knowledge is in the head but the seat of understanding is in the heart.

"The vital need of your world today is simple understanding between the people of your nations. There is but little value in a treaty, a pact or a guarantee between governments, if understanding is lacking between the people.

"You have developed the means of rapid, worldwide communication through your radio, television, telephone and telegraph. Why are these means not devoted to a much greater extent to the propagation of understanding between nations? True, you have a few radio broadcasting stations which have been dedicated to the task of spreading truth, but they are far too few and the programs they carry consist principally of propaganda. Propaganda is merely the means of `selling' another person or nation an idea or a course of action which you believe should be followed.

"What the people of your world must recognize is that the needs and desires, the hopes and fears of all the people on your earth, are actually identical. When this fact becomes a part of everyone's understanding, then you will have a sound basis for the formation of the `One World' of which your politicians speak so glibly, and your spiritual leaders so wistfully.

"The people of your nation, through your government are spending billions of dollars each year in `Foreign Relief." They are simply treating the symptoms and such efforts at "relief" will never cure the illness

Your country spends tens of billions yearly in preparation for the global conflict which, if it comes, will only prove that the illness has become fatal.

" If ten per cent of this money and effort were spent in helping people understand one another, they would be attacking the illness itself and, in a few years the illness would be cured.

"When the industries of your nations are released from the necessity of expending their time and energy in producing the means of war and destruction, they will have the time and energy to raise the standards of living of everyone on your earth to the point that there would be complete freedom from want. "With freedom from want comes freedom from fear and your civilization would be safely past the critical point in its development.

Your greatest era, your Golden Age lies just before you. You have only to go through the proper door.

"I have given you as much instruction as you are capable of absorbing at this time. Do everything possible to bring our words to the attention of your people. If you make any progress we will contact you again. As I have said before, we will not and cannot force our knowledge or our culture upon your race, nor can we appear in person before your people as a whole unless and until there is substantial evidence that the majority desire it. This is far from being true at the present time.

"I will leave you with a final quotation from your own philosophy, `Examine all things. Cling to that which is good.'

"Good-bye, Dan. Do your best."

if you liked this, take a look into the Understanding Newsletters dated down the left colum of his page
frikin amazing writing in there of all kinds.




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