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posted : 2007.Aug.01 @ 11.35pm
I think everyone in America needs to see this film's worth every minute and it is our future at stake.
1 hr 56 min


posted : 2007.Aug.02 @ 3.20pm
Great post, Will!

This film should be translated into more languages.
I set out to watch the beginning and get a feel for what it was about.
It sucked me in and after it was over I was dizzy. Lots of it is info
from several different documentaries like Loose Change and America: Freedom to Fascism
but for overall scope this movie rocks. Lots of good info for hungry minds.

posted : 2007.Aug.02 @ 5.28pm
I would never have believed that the Biggest Enemy of America and our Constitution would be our own government.


If we cannot get paper Receipts for Voting this coming year it's all over for us.
time for a Revolution.


posted : 2007.Aug.02 @ 10.12pm
It must be wa-a-aaay heavy for some people and a must see movie, indeed. I have noticed that every new movie coming out on this subject becomes stronger in some ways. I agree with Air and these references to/from other movies combined with new material reinforce the message. BIG Machine is moving ahead... It's not going to wait till we wake up and try to do anything stupid... like protesting, or God forbids "demonstrating" against it. Moreover it prefers us in lethargic main streamed state of mind. It's up to us to become aware and become this collective consciousness that can rewrite 2007 years of modern lies and art of manipulation.

thanx so much for this one, Heavy!!! Buddha

posted : 2007.Aug.03 @ 5.20am
I believe with all my being that Live Focused Mass Conciousness is, and will someday be widely recognised to be the most powerful weapon / tool in the universe.

Why? because it is All Powerful, Unstopable, Unproveable, and Untraceable.
just what the government does not want, well too bad because we will do it someday soon.

The sooner the Masses are gathered for this event, the sooner we can turn this madness around "in one day."
I have been following Mass conciousness experiments that have been proven 11 times over the last few years without fail, changing the weather within hours when no weather was forcast, and healing people with life threatening illness within days!, just by asking listeners to think positive focused thoughts on a given target at the same time, via one am radio station, with a live audience of up to 10 million open minded listeners on any given night/morning.

The # 1 rated AM talk show on the planet " Coast to Coast AM", for those of you who know it is not just about UFO's anymore, it has some of the brightest progressive thinking minds of our time interviewed there and is well worth listening to, the show is from midnight - 4am and also streaming live on the internet.

It has massive archive of shows for members to stream or download listen to from every night of the current last three months
check it out, you will be glad you did.

I have been a member for the last 4 years and love it, cost is like 15 cents a day $6.00 and change a month.

All we must do is build a Global event, get the live audience, set the date, and do it.
the time is now.



These are the latest real photos from space.
just amazing ...

posted : 2007.Aug.03 @ 9.15am
Wow, beautiful photos! Earth has always been a magnificent sight.

That movie is great! There is another similar one called "The Pharmacratic Inquisition" its really good too. =)


posted : 2007.Aug.04 @ 2.36pm
Careful with that axe, eugene!
- Waters, Wright, Mason, Gilmour

I viewed "Zeitgeist" a couple of weeks ago after seeing it referenced on Scott's page. Thanks Scott. Though it is well constructed and rather entertaining, to me it smacks of a Michael Moore type shockumentary with its assumptions presented as fact, sketchy sources quoting even sketchier sources, and non-linear historical referencing. I guess if history is doomed to repeat itself anyway what difference does it make how you contextualize it or translate it. The film made me want to catch up on some reading, about 12,000 years worth.

I feel the film is reckless in its gathering energy for a depressingly dark future history, (mass awareness of an idea may unintentionally facilitate its actualization.) While engaging (young American?) viewers to reject God and Country, even their own identities, (wish I took the blue pill instead of the red one!), the film does not offer any agenda, or proposals for a better future. Part one of a series of brainwashing films or something. What comes next?

I am an antichrist
I am an anarchist
Don't know what I want but
I know how to get it
I wanna destroy the passer by cos I

I wanna be anarchy...
-sex pistols

-Heavy, What do you need paper voting receipts for anyway? Whether your candidate is for peace through strength or the Prius, they are all owned by the same Banks. If you manage to find a candidate who is debt free, how do you manage to convince the "New and Improved" replacement Americans (can anyone say amnesty?) who owe their new found "freedom" to these same people. (I find the concept of "owing freedom" a criminally bad joke.) As for these larger than Life above the law banks, if you want to put them out of business, stop buying their crap. Hard to do since they claim to own everything with their Monopoly money.
As for this "Live Focused Mass Consciousness" thing, someone still has to have their finger on the trigger. You would willingly support the ideas of one person? To what end? To support whose agenda? Nancy F---ing Pelosi? Mullah Abdullah Hitler? Doesn't a Revolution need a goal? I don't get it, am I missing something?
What comes next?
Life is a lot like surfing. The exciting part is riding the wave, seeing how far and where it will go. The shitty part is waiting for the next set. And sharks. And jellyfish.

- Keep spreading the word. - Z.

posted : 2007.Aug.04 @ 3.01pm
Believe it if you need it, if you don't just pass it on.... Box Of Rain


posted : 2007.Aug.04 @ 3.07pm
I'm with you, HM.
The truth is gonna hurt some folk's feelings.

Nice to have counterpoint, Z. You're a good man.
We've chatted about this before and I just do not agree.

posted : 2007.Aug.04 @ 8.53pm
O.K., I concede that I may mave been a little harsh on the sharks and jellyfish. I intendend no personal attack, HM, I merely wanted to point out that the film to me seems incomplete. I cannot see how removing a culture's perceived foundations can be constructive without offering a positive idea. Ignorance only breeds ignorance. Distrust and hatred only bring about more distrust and hatred. Millenniums of humanity nurtured by a culture of fear, and those who take advantage of it because it is so damn easy, will be hard pressed to let go of their security blankets without a really good explanation. I guess what I am trying to say is that the key premise of Zeitgeist, that our world is shaped by our individual will, and that that can actually be a good thing, is not addressed. The message is lost in the presentation of the lies that bind us and it ignores the truths.

For shaking the tree and compelling viewers to think, though failing to hit the mark, I give this film one thumb up. - Z.

posted : 2007.Aug.07 @ 7.43am
That is why I posted it big Z. I feel its important to share things that at least open people up to a glimpse of something they didn't suspect. Awesome someone watched something on my blog tho! =)

I don't think the movie is perfect, but its way better than 99.9999% of the stuff coming out these days.

I think it's super important for everyone to realize that all the religions are based of Astrotheology. If people could trace the truth a bit, just enough to prove to themselves that the religion thats held them back their whole lives, MIGHT be false, that will give them the push they need to transform themselves.

Once the ball of snow starts tumbling down the hill, its pretty hard to stop it.

-ps. love that dead shout out! some of my fav music ever!

You should watch some Jordan Maxwell if you want the deep background on this stuff.

posted : 2007.Aug.08 @ 12.29pm

posted : 2007.Aug.09 @ 9.08pm
Nice, I can always use some freh Air!

I love Richard Branson that dude is Cool!
what a life he has had already.

thanks Air



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