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posted : 2007.Jul.23 @ 12.41pm
Anyone else blog? What do you write about?

Final SOULution is mine. Just started it, after a synchro-mystic inspiration session with a random rambling homeless man, to spread information I find during my research.

posted : 2007.Dec.28 @ 12.53pm
i just started a photo blog to celebrate my new camera :::

i don't write a whole heck of a lot but i love imagery Smile

this is kindof a sketch pad for my more intentional pod posts to come

posted : 2009.Jan.27 @ 4.12pm

I am new to the pod fora (this is my first post)


my ever evolving blog:


& it's an honour to be here Smile

posted : 2009.Jan.28 @ 10.30am


It's totally just an art  blog. I don't really have much to opinionize about it.

Currently it's mostly about my latest WIP.


Oh, and welcome to the pod Very Happy




posted : 2009.Jan.30 @ 9.29am

Using tumblr for my blog.

Just sharing anything on the web that I find interesting / totally random

posted : 2009.Feb.01 @ 4.54pm

I also have one at which I'm moving the previous one too.

I've posted some of my old designs at

posted : 2009.Feb.01 @ 6.00pm


mystical ramblings, dreams, philosophical disections of reality, poems and love letters -

summoned from the depth of the night.



posted : 2009.Feb.03 @ 8.49pm
This is my friends e-zine blog thingy: Punk Rock Permaculture.  Its getting off to a good start- Evan knows a lot of stuff, i'm glad he's spilling the beans on the net!

posted : 2009.Feb.10 @ 7.27am


I will be checking everyone's blog here frequently..
Hype to the postings !

posted : 2009.Feb.10 @ 9.42am

I have a blog featuring a number of subjects including my mostly Northwest US centric Podcast of quality electronic music - Designer Minds, I also showcase photos and art im working on at the moment as well as cool geeky things I discover


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