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posted : 2007.Jul.06 @ 2.13pm
Many treasures on You Tube, tons worth sharing.
Let us begin with this uplifting splash of happy ness.
I fell out of my chair first time I saw the air guitar bit.

posted : 2007.Jul.08 @ 11.22am


posted : 2007.Jul.08 @ 7.49pm
I'm in love!

Daft Punk Digital Love

posted : 2007.Jul.09 @ 12.39pm

I actually listen to death metal, but this dude's voice just had me in stitches.
It's so bad. But the combination of it plus the silly dancin' people makes it gold.


posted : 2007.Aug.14 @ 11.04am
red vs. green...

posted : 2007.Aug.28 @ 12.56am
womyn in art : seamless ness.

posted : 2007.Aug.28 @ 1.00am
i once sang this in ceremony! (i am so silly sometimes... lol)

posted : 2007.Nov.21 @ 1.56am
You may want to watch this one on mute :
Waves in a Free Sphere of Water

Man Turning into a Tree

DJ Sara and DJ Ryusei

posted : 2007.Nov.24 @ 8.54am
Adam Freeland › We Want Your Soul

posted : 2007.Nov.24 @ 8.55am
Interview with the Dali Lama

posted : 2007.Dec.01 @ 3.05am
where the hell is Matt?

posted : 2007.Dec.01 @ 3.35am

Vibes are everything!

Stephen Wiltshire draws Rome from memory

Milkyway and Beyond

posted : 2007.Dec.01 @ 10.28pm
Check out this wickedly visual belarusian music video...

tho the full high rez quicktime is definitely worth the download...


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