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posted : 2006.Nov.26 @ 10.33pm
i remember the beginning... the first light that ever was. shimmering singularity so full of life that it could do nothing but sing. the first song that ever was... echoing through time and building eternity in the sacred prayer of one word. the first word that ever was... becoming the web in a timeless dance of offering that is everything you see around you. each step in this dance sources itself to that very first light at the beginning. i say this because i remember.

at the center of an offering that comes from every direction, star:seed is honoured to announce the birth of the light science visionary art culture online marketree. the marketree is host to a rainbow of visionary arts, sounds and words all channeled through this pathway to remind, evolve and inspire our nature as one living light. may these potent creations empower us to inherit the expansive unity of our whole selves, so that we can integrate and sustain an ever sweeter harvest, in every cycle as a species and a world.

in collaboration and alliance with the elfintome, the LS marketree seeks to sustain and co:create intentional culture. all the arts represented here are created with great awareness of their impact on all levels of our environment, often produced in low volumes and in some part made by hand, crafted with great skill and circulated with reverence. may these abundant creations nourish our hearts and minds every day, from the tiniest elements of our lives, to a culture so beautiful that our souls yearn to continue creating it.

posted : 2007.May.10 @ 7.27pm
light science is honoured to be carrying

the galactik trading card oracle complex

a host of intentional publications

and of course, visionary art prints, holograms and stickers

not to mention a full array of intentional sounds, medicine inspired shipibo embroideries, and much more


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