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posted : 2006.Oct.25 @ 2.02pm
damn yes you're a bug jedi air.... 2 is fantastic.

posted : 2006.Oct.26 @ 7.37am
wowwwwwwwwww Shocked =D>

posted : 2006.Oct.27 @ 6.41am
Ahmmm... we are breathing da Digital Air... I mean why even bother figuring out what camera is good for Air...
Anyone is good, cuz bugs loooooove him!!!! Rolling Eyes

posted : 2006.Oct.31 @ 10.29am
Nice drop, Brutha D!

Sandbag's yard is home to many plants and critters.
This one flower patch alone was enough to keep me shooting for a long time.

see the ants?

he was all dressed up but no one stopped by for lunch.

bee vision

piggy bee

next door neighbor

posted : 2007.Jan.02 @ 7.16pm
hello Very Happy

my camera is at canon for up to 6 weeks and i couldn't handle it so i went out and bought a point and shoot on a whim,
the nikon S7c; im pretty impressed. but im really rusty, and its difficult to hold still with these tiny things.

here are a few from the living desert in indian wells.

posted : 2007.Apr.15 @ 6.28am
Oh, brilliant. Another ruddy bug on a flower...

posted : 2007.Apr.15 @ 2.00pm

posted : 2007.Apr.16 @ 9.52pm
aww the whole gang is there. thats great.

Here's another ruddy bug on a flower. at the LA Arboretum:

posted : 2007.Aug.05 @ 7.19pm

posted : 2007.Aug.08 @ 8.10am
The peacocks! Shocked awesome. compositions in all 3!

posted : 2007.Aug.08 @ 8.17am
thanks mark. the peacocks are so friendly there they just let you walk right up to them. i was probably 2-3 feet away.

posted : 2008.Mar.16 @ 4.32am
great thread. wow that peacock is beautiful! and air, you have quite the bond with those insects. nice shots everyone.

here are some little dinosaurs bathing in the sun Hawaiian style.

and my most favorite little buddy, Crouton. may he be flying high in the next dimension

posted : 2008.Apr.24 @ 10.15am
Same way I started this thread, a juvenile katydid in the morning light.
I love taking pictures of bugs! To this end my back yard is full of flowers..... that I put there! Smile


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