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posted : 2007.Apr.08 @ 8.21pm
I recently completed a new piece for this new organization I joined, the Electronic Music Association (its a student group, but they let me join even though I'm a university employee). It was for a competition, the rules being we were given a few really low quality samples and we had to make a song out of them, using ONLY them and nothing else.

So I made an "astral house" track (A genre I'm making up. Its pretty much deep house). The piece is called Assiah, which, for my fellow kabbalists corresponds with the sephiroth Malkuth or the physical plane/dimension.

posted : 2007.Apr.09 @ 3.12pm
Beautiful, ioTus, thank you.
I love to bathe in the sounds of deep space,
the material world comes through without a doubt.
Cool cool track...meta! I am impressed

posted : 2007.Apr.11 @ 4.19pm
iotus, you are *so* great.

that is lovely music


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