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posted : 2007.Apr.07 @ 6.28am
Some folks have a less than good feeling about MySpace.
It's not perfect but there is a vast amount of good ness to be found there.
Truth be told there is even a podular conduit to be found.

ยป myspace

What I suggest is a stroll through the galleries of the many artists,
musicians, jewelers, photographers, models and other creative dwellers
from my friends list. It is a well filtered list. I just reworked my photo albums
last night and found a new song for the page that I highly recommend listening to.
Another thing I find cool are the people that drop there latest piece in the comments box.

posted : 2007.Apr.09 @ 5.06pm
I often feel as though myspace is a virus.
But sometimes, I am forced to reassess.

For instance, I am a huge fan of Anoushka Shankar.
Her last stop on her current US tour is in Seattle--tonight actually...
On her myspace account she posted a bulletin telling her Seattle friends to identify a suitably chill place to meet and greet after the prayerformance. I was like, "WOW!!!"... Very Happy

Now that's useful!
Thanks Myspace!

Anoushka Shankar's Space

posted : 2008.Sep.01 @ 6.56pm

It has been my great pleasure to help my podular allies get thier myspace ness leveled up.

The model is simple: Minimalist presentation, liberal application of  juicy images,

encapulate their flow in a vertical space.  The Site That Must Not Be Named

generates a ton of novelty and brings many eyes to the pod.



This may be my fav.  Xavi's art speaks for itself.


»  MARS-1

Mars took the first pass even deeper by hiding all the text.



Loved working with this insane imagery.



Phong and I tagged on this one.


» DocScrolly's Fantasma-Graphics Emporium and Modernistic Old Timey Press

This is a crazy collab project GEO and I have going.  


»  San Diego Fine Art Society

It was fun doing corporate branding for April's non-profit.



Finished this one yesterday.






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