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posted : 2007.Apr.05 @ 12.07am
Ok, it's been far too long since i posted! Embarassed

I've decided to formalise my photo taking by actually studying it! so this year I'm doing an MA in photojournalism, travel and documentary photography. Not my usual stuff, but I wanted to stretch myself. (and boy is it stretching!) I'm doing this course while working full-time and the course itself is technically full-time so this year is a busy one for me.

Anyway enough of the jibba jabba, what you see here is the culmination of the first term at college, the photojournalism side of the course, so were given briefs and potential clients so we shoot to their style (in theory), after this it's travel and documentary. Each week we're set a brief and have to produce just a single image to meet it (1 image is damn hard too!). I'm not a photojournalist so I found it difficult... Ironically my photography seems to be getting worse now I’m at college studying it, but.. my thought processes and reasoning are getting better, it's teaching me to be more rounded and think through projects, which is what I wanted!

Q01 - "Produce a single image of a national news event to be posted on Getty Images. We suggest you check the newspapers, TV news and web to see what is happening or find a newsworthy issue to illustrate."

A01 - The city of York in flood. (lady luck was smiling on me!)

Q02 - You are required to produce a single image for World Picture Network or Xinhua on the theme of Migrant Workers . The image should be related to a positive news story about the benefits of migrant workers and you should consider protecting the image against being used for a negative story on the same subject.

A02 - Manchester’s China Town, although most here aren't migrant i wanted to show the potential positive outcome of migrant workers and how they bring a diversity to the place they visit by bringing parts of their own culture which stay and enrich the place they move to:

Q03 - Produce a single image to illustrate Urban poverty in your community to be published in Oxfam publications. Please refer to the example Terms of Reference to get information on how Oxfam works with photography and consult their website for corporate image style. The question of subject dignity and ethical photographic practice should be a major factor in the way you go about this assignment.

A03 - The Big Issue is a magazine for the homeless, they sell it to bring themselves onto the job ladder and give them a form of income that doesn't come from begging. I chose this as it fits the current ethos of Oxfam in showing positive imagery rather than the horror stories of the late 80s and early 90s


Q04 - This week you are not required to take a picture but rather train someone else in basic photography to complete the assignment for you. The brief is simply to provide "a unique insight" through participatory photography. Try and find someone who can tell a story from a different angle.

A04 - I chose a Big Issue seller and got him to document his life for a week, interestingly all the images of his new shared accommodation showed no people just the building itself. The image he chose was this one:

Q05 - The assignment this week requires you to produce a single image that represents fragile earth. The image is requested by a client of Panos Pictures for a magazine feature on the global environment. The article is designed to put pressure on all countries to re-evaluate their environmental policies in a move to improve the world in which we live. Panos pictures has gained a strong reputation for tackling social issues around the world through strongly aestheticised images. The composition and quality of your images are important to the success of this assignment.

A05 - Panos have a nice style and of the stock agencies I've seen it would probably suit a few here.

Q06 - Produce a single image that documents the changing culture of your community for National Geographic magazine. Study the motivations for the National Geographic All roads project at and the wealth of information on National Geographic photography at This should inform your composition and caption.

A06 - for me i took the changing culture of the loss of small independent corner shops (because of large out of town supermarkets) and now we have "local" version of the supermarkets where corner shops used to be.

Q07 - Produce a single image on the subject of Cast Away. Your picture should be designed to give a sense of tranquillity and peace away from the hustle of city life. The picture is aimed at Conde Nast Traveller magazine and should be accompanied by a caption that will be understood by a broad international readership.

A07 - I took the theme of castaway and threw in a guy in a suit to reference the city life, i wanted to push the boundaries a little for conde nast(y)

Q08 - You are required to consider what is unique about the images you take within your own community and produce a "sellable" image that is unlikely to have been considered by a visiting photographer from outside your region/country. In attempting this assignment you should engage with the issue of local photographer V visiting photographer and consider the issue of fair trade photography.

A08 - This one i fucked up big style by not taking a picture because at the time i thought it wouldn't fit the saleability part of the brief in hindsight it was the perfect answer. The moral of the story is listen to your inner photographer and just take the damn image if you think it might be a good shot! :mouth29: i decided to cover the small cattle market that closed in a town near where i grew up. It's no longer sign posted and so is out of the way and hard to find, plus the area is much better known for its arable farming than its animal

Sorry for the massive post and I know it's not the usual style from me or for here, but i though people might find it interesting.

posted : 2007.Apr.05 @ 8.53am
congratulations you're doing this for yourself! you're so versatile!

your traveler shot reminds me of this caspar david friedrich painting
i think its your pose.

posted : 2007.Apr.05 @ 10.04am
Master Scholey, this is brilliant!
This thread is the perfect size and intensity.
Don't apologize for kicking our collective butts into a higher gear.
The flood shot is art and the range of shot types is nice.

Becky, great eye!
I love that piece and used it as reference on a project recently.

posted : 2007.Apr.05 @ 11.44am
Thanks you two!

Becky: not seen his work before i can see what you mean, and he has some nice stuff, damn there was me hoping people wouldn't recognise me in a suit Wink

Air: thanks, of all the images the flood shot feels the most me.


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