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posted : 2007.Feb.23 @ 8.21am
Greetings brothers and sisters! Just wanted to drop in to give everyone a bit of an update!

As some of you may remember, my girlfriend and I bought and RV and took off last summer to travel around the country and see some Rainbow Gatherings.

Well, after an amazing and long trip, we finally have made our way back to California. I am working as an Art Director at a sweet little shop in L.A. and Frances is hanging out at home, trying to stay healthy. So, on to the HUGE news!

Im going to be a dad! Frances is about 6 weeks into our pregnancy, and we are super excited! All signs pointed to this being the time, and sure enough, it is.

We can definately feel a new energy around, the atmosphere is almost completely different now.

Good to be back, missed all of you! Hope everyone else has had as beautiful of a year as I have!

Jah Bless!

posted : 2007.Mar.02 @ 5.57pm
Many blessings, Scott! Congratulations indeed Smile
After flowing over the open land I hope your spirit can process LA.
Get in here with some creativity before Daddyhood shallows you whole.

Cheers Cheers Cheers

posted : 2007.May.30 @ 8.23am
A few more updates! =) - Aidan's First Movie - Aidan's Heart Beating

posted : 2007.May.30 @ 3.26pm

totally amazing : thank you so much for sharing



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