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posted : 2007.Feb.26 @ 11.16pm
My response to Mark Pesce's 2006 Burned Man lecture:

>> Mark Pesce @ Burning Man 2006

I really appreciate Mark's dedication to honesty. The greatest trick of all (on this plane) is to get all the people to agree without conformity. Terence said that the best idea wins. It's something like that. Except we already possess the idea and we have for oh so long (he may have agreed). So as not to be too esoteric, I will submit that the idea is the body itself. The human body is designed to transcend and transcend it will. The Golden Age that we are approaching, Satya Yuga (which will begin in 7699 A.D. according to Swami Sri Yukteswar) will be a time where such human organizations can flourish. The idea that we, in our present state, could some how crunch all the spiritual progress that lies before us into the next 6 years is really hard to envision.

The 2012 underground, upon realizing that our global community is thousands of years from such a shift, will no doubt begin to bring alternative ideas to the foreground. For instance, here is one possibility that I have seen Daniel Pinchbeck discuss. Seeming that the shamans of the world are currently forming a global network, this network could be used to quietly (or cheerfully) exit the earth as it nears ecological demise. However, I am skeptical that transcendence could occur in such a way. Not to shoot this proposal down--if it works, more power to us. But, as Mark reminds us, such groups have formed many times in the past. Coming down from the descending 12,000 years of the cosmic cycle is not easy. Once we reached the bottom, as soon as we started going back up, getting closer to Truth, the unenlightened mind started getting impatient. “There must be a way to transcend faster,” it thought… Well, we have already covered that there is such a way. However, the techniques for achieving liberation were grossly misunderstood during the darker ages of the Kali Yuga (ending in 499 A.D.). But no matter what time of the cosmic cycle one enters, if they so desire to know Truth, then that magnetism draws them closer.

I think we must summon the mental image of vast seas of similar universes with similar worlds to our own. These universes also oscillate around higher dimensional magnetic forces, but each one possesses a slightly different rotational placement. Thus, as souls are locating their karmically determined temporary universal home, they are karmically attracted to the one that is undergoing, for instance, a Dwapara Yuga (our current position) or whatever is appropriate for their karma. However, this description of higher-dimensional structure is simply a mental image. I think the existence of such a dimensional construct is unnecessary (the same way reincarnation is unneeded—this life / this cosmos will do!).

But back to Mark’s last point. It is interesting to ponder whether any technological child that we birth would be able to return to Truth, i.e. transcend. An underlying process occurs when manifesting technology: while we design, we are simultaneously entertaining other possibilities and already planning with different models. However, what keeps us from using those more theoretical models is that our own intelligence is not yet adequately prepared to translate the model into tangible substance. There is an inherent quality to us that is able to entertain novel ideas prior to being able to fully manifest them in our world. This is something that would prove difficult when engineering machines, as we ourselves do not yet fully know where we download our information from. But during the peak of Satya Yuga, the Source is right before us, hand open and arm extended. It is humorous and yet somehow extremely painful to ponder the similarity between reincarnation, cosmic hierarchy and creation. We say the machine elves created us—in “Breaking Open The Head”, Daniel Pinchbeck astutely questioned who or what made them? And on and on it goes, but both up and down the line! How infinitely more elementary and illusory must the soul’s veil become before we realize we are only making the return to Truth more difficult. Is it predetermined that human being must make machines in human image so as to achieve the status of the creators of human?

Yes, reincarnation is painfully similar to creativity. But is their a creative force that somehow encompasses all other creative forces and yet offers the True Path as well? This is the question, isn’t it? Suddenly the straight and narrow path doesn’t seem so constrictive. Suddenly all questions lead to one and the answer is nearly too simple to accept. But Mark has it nailed… honesty is the first step to approaching the answer.

~ Heart warmth merging with the third eye guide ~

I love you all so much,


P.S. For further thoughts on this subject, see these old posts: Discussion » The Astral Conundrum


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