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posted : 2007.Feb.09 @ 11.33pm
So I totally just got my full time salary job. w007 1337 d351gn3R 4 da k1LL!!!!!!!!1!1!!11!1!1!!

And first things first, i need to tell them what system to buy. I want to build my own. But we traditionally buy Dells for their warantee and service plans. Though I have no problem building systems and sending parts back until i get one that works (DOA always is a bummer) we need to be up and running asap. I have worked in the same building, doing tech support part time, and we use a lot of Dells. I know they arent all that ub3r, but hey why not. I was thinking of getting a Dimension E521 and maxxing it out, pen tablet, dual 24", etc. That's the only way i can make it reasonably affordable. But granted, they pretty much told me to come up with a wish list, and some of the alienware stations were looking pretty sweet (at twice the price)......

what do y'all use?


posted : 2007.Feb.11 @ 2.03am
I've used PCs forever,
yet tend to be using macs more often lately.
The OSX interface is most podular!

Duce Mizzie Mac Pro
Dual Core 2 Duo 2.6 GHz XEON
4GB, Dual 23" displays
11" x 6" Wacom Intuos 3


One thing to be mindful of when designing websites
is it's not always best to have the smokingest machine
when programming flash and CSS tricks,
because it can end up laggin on older computers...

Congratulations to your flow.

posted : 2007.Feb.11 @ 9.55am
Indeed, the OSX is quite OS-exy. And that is one thing i was most certainly thinking of, about switching to t3h mac for "industry" and "standard".

Very good point on the speed issue my dear friend. This has helped immensely.

posted : 2007.Feb.23 @ 8.23am
I also have recently started working on a G5 with OS X, and I must say, its been delightful.

I especially love the dashboard, and expose. They make it super easy to get tons done.

Good luck!

posted : 2007.Feb.23 @ 8.46am
After pricing out several systems, I discovered that the institution for whom I now work has an inside-deal w/ Dell, and the same system specs through Dell as through Mac cost about $2,000 less. So Dude, I got a Dell.

Intel Core2 Duo, 2mb L2 cache X2
4gb DDR2 667 ram
320gb HD X2 (probably stripe them)
FireGL 7200 256mb
Dell Ultrasharp 24" widescreen X2
Wacom Intuos 6x8 tablet
Logitec MX Revolution mouse

It should do the trick, for now Wink

Thanks for the input, friends, and may the force be with you.


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