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posted : 2005.Jun.22 @ 4.43am
cosmically speaking
i'd rather be sleeping, but
nine to five pays bills

posted : 2007.Feb.03 @ 1.30am
cat haiku:

cats meow out of angst
thumbs! if only we had thumbs!
we could break so much!

posted : 2007.Oct.25 @ 1.51pm
it must be Thursday
but no Vogons in orbit
Earth is safe (for now)

posted : 2007.Oct.25 @ 1.59pm
I just downed three pints,
standing here in my bathrobe.
Yes, I have my towel.

posted : 2007.Oct.26 @ 5.16am
Reading these haikus,
special joy washes over
my love for the flow.

posted : 2007.Oct.28 @ 9.45pm
feelin the podness
silver surfing the fora
deep in the meta

posted : 2009.Apr.08 @ 8.13am

greetings and good day

dear old friends as well as new

it's great to be back

posted : 2009.Apr.08 @ 8.18am

a creative tide

from deep sea to shore and back

podular cycles

posted : 2009.Apr.08 @ 9.01am

cyclical nature

from atoms to the cosmos

patterns interweaved


i took a journey

trying to find some answers

which brought more questions


circular thinking

since i started where it ends

i end at the start

posted : 2009.Apr.08 @ 2.10pm

sitting rendering

why must it take all day long





frozen snacky treat

haagan dazs ice cream for me

thank you universe



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