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posted : 2007.Jan.29 @ 2.21pm
Ahhh.. it's good to be home once again!

After a year's hiatus from most things creative, here I present my greatest creation to date. 40 weeks and 3 days in the making (or should that be baking..?), I present to you my heart and my everything.

A curious profile or a profile of curiosity at 11 days old.

The hands that hold our future in them. Hold it gently and take good care of it, please.

Sweet dreams, my love, you've been in this world for 17 days and you still bring tears of joy to my eyes.

Now that my body is finished taking every ounce to produce such a wee li'l sweet, I will be doing my best to produce all sorts of visual goodies in the future!

posted : 2007.Jan.29 @ 4.03pm

Creation spawning creativity.
Your little one looks peaceful.

Many blessings!

posted : 2007.Jan.30 @ 10.38am
awww soooooo adorable...


posted : 2007.Jan.30 @ 11.05am
Buddha blessonious to your flow!

posted : 2007.Jan.31 @ 9.53am
Congratulations and blessings, Mumbai!
Still, having a kid does not excuse you from using unified borders in the fora Wink

posted : 2007.Feb.01 @ 10.20am
yes my congratulations, what a sweetheart Pulsing Love

posted : 2007.Feb.01 @ 11.14am
Wow, it has been a while! I forgot about that *innocent whistle* Borders are fixed!

Thank you guys for the good words. I adore him so much it surprises me every day that you can be so in love with one being.


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