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posted : 2006.Oct.02 @ 9.12pm
This is an older track that I recently recovered. This was one of the first out of body experiences I had while producing tunes on the computer... I lost my hard-drive contents before I finished it, and I was new to musical engineering and such, so cover your ears when it gets icky. I really like the acidy bassline.

>> Track 09 [I don't remember the name.]

posted : 2006.Oct.03 @ 6.42am
Here is this morning's emotional frequnecy:

>> Parting Sunday's Fog

posted : 2006.Oct.03 @ 2.25pm
These are great. "The Coming Age" is beautiful. Keep it up!!

posted : 2006.Oct.24 @ 9.15am
I like the bassline to this one. I will probably work more on it later, but it is a little dark.

>> Jake the Snake - Suffering Succotash

posted : 2007.Jan.23 @ 10.25am
Here is an updated version of the track 'Nuevas Dimensiones', but I made it sound niftier and changed the title to something more appropriate. I made this track with Jeskola Buzz, a program that my computer has not always gotten along with, so it has been difficult to edit over the last year.

>> Mindescape Attempted But Full Circle Confronted

posted : 2007.Jan.24 @ 8.21am
Another old track that has a nice playful feel.

>> He Remembers - 2002

posted : 2007.Jan.25 @ 1.54pm
Dood, "He remembers" is flippin sweet! What are you using to manifest such awesomeness? I also severely like "The Coming Age," it sufficiently rocked my s0x0rs.

Fantastically good stuff man. I wouldn't mind having a go at remixing some of your stuff (and you remixing mine) Wink

posted : 2007.Jan.25 @ 9.53pm
I made He Remembers with Reason 1.0. That was one of the first songs that I completed and felt satisfied with. The synths came from subtractor.

Feel free to abuse/love/fix/remix any of my music. I don't plan on ever getting into the music scene, its just a fun hobby to do on the side. Eventually I will make a sweeter website and upload all of my tunes for free dl. I used to dream about being a full-time musician or artist, but at some point I realized it just wasn't in the cards for this life... I love farming too darned much!

I've never remixed some one else's shizat before, but it will happen.


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