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posted : 2007.Jan.05 @ 11.37am
I have had a couple of small delays in leaving. Nothing major. It took most of the week to get my computer to become stable again. I switched from a slightly difficult Debian OS, to Ubuntu/Debian. So as to have a little more Gui in my life. Its been giving me no end of troubles. I won't get into the details of all the kernels that we had to try as that would just be confusing to the the Non-Linux usr. I will finish that thought off by saying that it is stable, but i haven't gotten the fans or power-stepping to work. Such is life for an Open-source compy. I have my fingers crossed for a miracle upgrade soon.

there she is in all her Xterm glory.

As per posting. I am going to be posting primarily on my site at:Californian Saunter. Provided my lappy doesn't become to unhappy.

The current plan is to leave tomorrow morning with a dude i met on craigslist. He is going to the Palm Springs Film Festival and was looking for someone to share the gas with. While the purist might argue that I am being counter productive in going by car. I feel that it is important to fill all the cars that are on the road rather than stay out of them because of haughty idealism. I will be spending plenty of time walking regardless. Not that it makes up for it.

P.S. does anyone know any good Hostels/couches along the coast? With this trip i would like to avoid sleeping under bridges in them Big American Cities. All the good ones will probably be taken anyway.

posted : 2007.Jan.08 @ 4.16pm
word to the pod bird. I have made it as far south as San Diego. Wow what a nice town. What great weather. just having dinner oceanside. this place has wireless so its pretty awesome. I think i am going to cross into Mexico tomorrow if they let me. just to say i have been there. See what this tijuana place is like. then the trek begins. there is some new stuff in the puddle check it out at:

Transimissions from the toilet bowl
Live From the Roach Motel

posted : 2007.Jan.11 @ 10.46am
I actually started walking. I am just past Del Mar currently. Having a late breakfast. read all about the adventures:

Leaving LA
Sunny San Diego
The Border
Careful! Its a Slippery Slope

ciao for now

posted : 2007.Jan.11 @ 8.56pm
Dude, you are probably walking by my house!
Come by and visit! I am in Encinitas, just north of Del Mar and south of Oceanside.
Message me.

Darn it, I think I might have missed you by half a day Sad

posted : 2007.Jan.11 @ 9.22pm
you missed me by a few miles. I am in Oceanside at the current moment. At some hotel. My numba is 778-668-7865

posted : 2007.Jan.13 @ 1.15pm
Thanks for the Message sandbag. I've been keeping my phone off for the most part. Gotta save juice. Shitty deal we couldn't meet up. but thems the breaks i guess.

I made it across Camp pendelton unfortunately i had to take the train. They allow people to bike across. The marines are a little more biased to hikers though. I have made it to newport beach. read all about the latest adventures at:

Thwarted! by the Us Marine Corpse

posted : 2007.Feb.06 @ 7.01pm
Lots more has happened. Since last i posted here. My internet comes in short waves. I have been slacking in posting updates. I apologize. Currently there are 27 pages.

Check them out here

Oh and I get a google result from "Big Erection" i am so happy its all i ever wanted in the whole wide world


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