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posted : 2005.Aug.14 @ 8.22am
Hey Will,
Welcome to the pod.
I like your stuff a bunch,
'Midnight Creeper' is now my desktop.

posted : 2005.Aug.22 @ 5.59pm

My favorites are star spirit and slingshot.

posted : 2005.Aug.23 @ 8.32am
love them!

'home' and 'sacred future' are definate favs. nothing beats large format printing onto canvas eh? Smile

i really like the etherial energy feeling they have about them? i'm curious as to the artistic process. any chance you'd be into sharing a tutorial?

perhaps a collaboration is in order as well...

deep bows

posted : 2005.Aug.23 @ 6.10pm
hello again

thanks all for the kind words.


I would be happy to collaborate with you.
what kind of piece ya want to do?

I think it would be cool to swap some PS files with layers still open to manipulation by both parties.
back and forth.
guess it would have to be done in screen res 72dpi for size sake.

as far as the process I use, it is all PS, with Photography used allot of times as the starting image to manipulate..
and of course mirroring.
kind of hard to explain since it is raeally an intuitive process with no real vision off the bat.
lots of tweaking and twisting.

I love PS because it is so powerful,,,,,,as with a guitar, it is very different in different peoples hands.


posted : 2006.Dec.28 @ 8.11pm
hello all

great to meet allot of you this year at Synergenisis III

This is where my head is at in design for the coming year.
I call it back engineered alien tech and
it will be my direction with my silver jewelry collection
which should make for some pretty interesting HM

Peace To The Pod

posted : 2006.Dec.30 @ 7.03pm
I wanna see it, man! Long since anyone has done anything really special. New Year and new directions. Share as soon as you can Wink

posted : 2007.Jan.01 @ 7.36pm
oh wow dude!

I HAD NO IDEA you were in the digital realms Smile

thank you so much for these magical offerings


these take abstract digital art into a place that really feels it has substance and direction.
you're not always making pictures of anything identifyable as "something"
and yet they feel that way : the energy is focused

thank you (!!!)


posted : 2007.Jan.03 @ 11.56pm
thanks Silverbirch
yes I have been in the digital since 95, just seem to jump mediums allot.

here is a recent junkyard photo
and reworked in Photoshop

posted : 2007.Jan.17 @ 7.58pm
recently finished Alien Tech Icon prototype

new for my 07 custom Silver Jewelry line
shown is the master which a mold will be made of and then recast in Sterling Silver.

It will be made to hang around the neck from a custom chain and I will make a buckle out of it too as it is huge.
3.75" x 3"

posted : 2007.Jan.23 @ 7.19am
That really turned out great!
The patterns surprised me with how well they translated into the silver.

posted : 2007.Nov.11 @ 9.30pm
Whoa! Deep respect to the mastery!
Thanks for sharing and inspiring


posted : 2008.Feb.06 @ 11.44am

posted : 2008.Oct.12 @ 12.40pm
Images back up.


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