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index « babble « Gathering Near Concrescence » December 21st, 2006

posted : 2006.Dec.01 @ 4.26pm

Wouldn't it be neat if a web gathering were to occur on or near the winter solstice of 2006, in the year of our Ford into tech:gnosolalia?

    Timing » flexible.
    Dream. Create. Share. » juntos.
    Initial dream setting theme-song » Anoushka Shankar - Beloved.
    Come ye with allies or by thy grace. » no judge.
    Platform utilization » respond, reciprocation, reflex.

    Agape be with you as we enter into the forest of winter.


posted : 2006.Dec.04 @ 5.59pm
Do you mean on the pod?!

I like your idea Agape, especially the year of our Ford part, very tricky you are!
What do you mean by Gnosollalia? Some variant on the term Gnosis I presume.
lalia is a suffix indicating activity?
And who will bring the hors-d'oeuvres?
I'll bring the bad jokes I guess.
Well then, yes Mr Free, I will try to be there.
With love,
Sylvain See

posted : 2006.Dec.05 @ 7.35am
Tech:gnosolalia : With technology as the platform, incomprehensible yet intuitively swallowed jibberish guides the flow of gnosis. Basically, this is a call for envokabulary, though it may be un-hooked from English!

As for the hors d'oeuvres, spontaneous creative output shall satiate our bellies. Bad jokes welcome.


posted : 2006.Dec.05 @ 9.11pm
Zany! Yet enormously sensical.
Open minds with a sense for conveyance
will share on deeply creative levels, for with a tale
to tell, a north pointing compass and a sense of smell,
words can grow from the experience.
experience can grow from the words...

posted : 2006.Dec.23 @ 1.39pm
Oh darn this absurdist time-keeping! life is a Dali painting
What happens after concrescence? A renewed concrescence?
Deepest respects to the manifestator of this pod topic...
may the thread continue to weave!
Good evening, cyber-wookies. With a gaze to the outlying hyper-structure
and a depth of love unimaginable...



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