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posted : 2006.Dec.20 @ 12.45pm

The mountains stand unmoving,
All day they let the clouds roll out and in.
Even though red dust is countless layers deep,
Not a single speck reaches my thatched hut.

- te ch'ing

Shen : Outlines

Excited beyond end
about this new sound scape from Noah Pred aka Shen

from rich atmospheric dub and honeyed chillout
to psy-dm and symbient
to post-hiphop and lush subtempo
this microwashed polyproduction
is a clear spirit into a deeper future of
the downtempo music

this is truly
magic infused music

here is the celestial detailing :

Taken from the arcane Taoist term for 'refined energy' or 'depth',
Shen is Noah Pred's outlet for low-tempo explorations of
forward-thinking computer music. Drawing inspiration from geomancy
and botanical architecture, Shen dives deep into forward-thinking
electronic dub and downtempo. His music takes advantage of
cutting-edge digital technologies while retaining an analog warmth
and character through exquisite chords, textures, and atmospheres.

More info, audio samples, and ordering info at
Native State

posted : 2006.Dec.21 @ 10.25am
This is great! I hadn't heard of the Green Samurai Clan until you posted that link last week. Thanks for the psychedelicacies!

posted : 2006.Dec.21 @ 12.52pm
celebrating the rain
in the reeds
croaking frogs

- issa

thanks for the tag
indeed shen appears on the new green samurai clan compilation too
check the tech


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