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posted : 2006.Dec.14 @ 6.47pm

My daily activities are not unusual,
I'm just naturally in harmony with them.
Grasping nothing, discarding nothing...
Supernatural power and marvelous activity -
Drawing water and carrying firewood.

- Pang-yun

Green Samurai Clan

After two years of deep production the new green samurai clan cd is out at last.

The packaging was designed by Produce Produce
and Neto

Uniting the west coast chillout sensibility with a microfusion of imbedded polyproduction and holistic design science, the green samurai clan downtempo collective is a synergy of different styles, lineages and musical traditions. This is the third in a series of cd compilations exploring the east-west infusion of hip-hop inspired sound environments.

A fully independant, not-for-profit production
cusp culture
bringing the dope home

Listen to Samples here :

Green Samurai Clan home site

Clan Downtempo Track Listing

SHEN - tenryu-ji
DAMAGE CONTROL - a mirror's thread
SENTINENTALIS - gateway (revealed)
NETO - boarding pass
STREET SAMURAI - raindrops at dawn
MAZEGUIDER - late night dubbing
SYMPATH - way down
SENTIMENTALIS - third crossing
PRODUCE - emerald empire
CRYSTAL AND SPORE - light fold

The green samurai clan is a collective of collectives, a global network of musicians, artists, designers, dancers, djs, magicians, coders, performers, poets, priestesses, promoters, presenters, producers and cultural creatives who are dedicated to building foundations for a sustainable planetary post-civilization. Through the mists of time the greensamuraiclan have been involved in creating events, gatherings, rituals, parties, festivals, conferences and councils. The clan exists in many modalities; downtempo collective, dj crew, performance troupe and production team. It actively visions dappled multimedia streams, website developments, graphic design, event d├ęcor, preproduction consulting, promotion packages, information architecture, land stewardship, custom art and permaculture design.

We did a very limited edition run of 100 cds only, over half of which have been set aside to give away. The rest are avaliable for $10 + $5 s/h at

the fabled Elfintome


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