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posted : 2006.Nov.23 @ 12.50am
i've done a massive update to the divine reflections gallery on pod and my own site, bringing them up to date. The series has now been sorted for easier maintenence and understanding of the transformation that the work has undergone over time.

>> new ness

The pieces in the gallery linked above have been created since my solo show, which was an incredibly revealing process for me artistically.

So many thanks to the podular beings who've supported me in this venture over the years, with particular shout outs to air for some phat photoshop downloads at crucial times, to anson for tech tags and for being my buddha, and to delvin for creating a culture so rich that my soul yearns to participate. I wouldn't be making this without all of you, and I definately wouldn't be at this level without the pod.

love inspires

ps i'd love to know your favourites...

posted : 2006.Nov.24 @ 8.25am
I'm going by jpg names:

Me extra likes:

    Blessed to Know
    + Visionary Lineage
    + Punkin Blue [The eyes shoot right into me... hello! Razz]
    + Gabriel

    + Mandai
    + Pheonix Rising

Visionary Lineage = primordial human creature.

Primordial human creature + podular time = wave at yourself flying through hyperspace.

Eyes of the Ancestors...

posted : 2006.Nov.24 @ 8.32am
I shall drop my tribe response in here as well...

this is some seriously lovely ness, master elf.
the above image is the hands down winner, so lush.
it has both clarity of subject and thick magical swirlings.
the flowers are a rockin' touch and the colors are perfect.
phoenix rising is right there as well. these pieces clearly
show the evolution of a great idea sailing into new and
more wondrous waters. so stoked to re-tagg:asis with
you soon and see what new techniques can be added
the divine flow... reflecting our collective creativity,
between two mirrors of artistic potential.

posted : 2006.Nov.25 @ 1.32am

new ness from tonight...

'family resemblence' ~ A portrait of my lovely friend Ali, and her indigo child Naomi River.

posted : 2006.Dec.04 @ 5.49pm
St.even, your divine reflections are amazing,
truly a breathtaking mix of media.
The Ganesha piece on the front page of pod
pulls me into a scene of utmost serenity, and
it seems your trip to Bali was a fruitful one
Thanks for the stunning drop Smile

posted : 2006.Dec.06 @ 2.17am

'it's simple really...'

my first collaboration with the amazing and lovely sequoia emmanuelle... her photography has been inspiring me to new heights...

posted : 2006.Dec.08 @ 12.00am
Aren't collaborations the real deal?
This is beautiful. You refine the technique with each pass.
My favorite thing is that your subjects are now revealed.
The palettes are more mature as well.

posted : 2006.Dec.08 @ 1.09pm
That is so blissful!
It is like she is walking out of biological mind fabrick and some of it is clinging to her.
Her fingertip sends off biological spaceships, spiralling into the fold.
I agree with Air, the fact that much of her front is revealed makes this piece that much more wowing.
I think her headdress wants to come with her!


posted : 2006.Dec.12 @ 3.34am
thanks for the encouragement;
the art's been flowing steadily of late
with the new style providing a wealth of opportunities

here's the latest collab...

daughter of the moon

titled in homage to the greatest fairy tale ever written, stardust, by neil gaiman...

time for sleep...

posted : 2006.Dec.13 @ 12.24am
truly divine,

i have been farmiliar with your work for some time and it is a pleasure to view the equinox of its growth and evolution within this moment.

look forward to sharing time under all 4 eyes with you someday. or all six eyes as it pertains to this comunity;)



posted : 2006.Dec.15 @ 2.14am
Andrew, I'm honoured at the tag, and likewise, Agape and Air (what's with the A's holdin' it down in here? Laughing )... it's great to get feedback and boosts.

I'm so stoked on the sequoia collab; her photos are so quality i have a hard time choosing which one to use from the set... which actually turned out really nicely tonight as i busted out a record three divine reflections in my first ever tryptych...

i met a mermaid

beneath the depths

she took my heart deeper still

posted : 2006.Dec.18 @ 6.49pm
hello st.even,

I've been following the progression of your imagery since you started posting here and I like the style. In the more recent drops the figures are beginning to emerge and interact with the surrounding environment rather nicely. The mother/child piece is powerful.

Nice work, - Z.

posted : 2006.Dec.18 @ 10.59pm
thank Z... it feels like a big evolutionary step, and i'm happy with the direction it's taking...

here's the new...

the order of chaos

i also tagged a quick second piece tonight, and i'm quite happy with how it turned out given how little time i actually spent in photoshop. the painting and the photo just fit really well together.

star kindling spirit

photography by sequoia emmanuelle, modeling by haj & blacklight, paint & composition by St.Even

i've been working on the mythologies of each piece as well, and the star kindling spirit has the following poetic alignment ::

in the core of each star
toils a fae so pure of heart
that their love for the universe pours forth
and kindles the fires of life

in the heart of each fae
lies a star waiting to shine

let your love for the universe pour forth
and kindle the lives of those around you

love really does inspire


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