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posted : 2006.Nov.24 @ 11.46pm
So i've worked on a few tracks before, nothing great, for sure. I thought I would share with others of like mind the frequencies I've been working to develop.

If you have an interest, they can be experienced at this.mySpace (address); {
< >

on (Arrival) {

Presage =;

if (_you.want) {


posted : 2006.Nov.26 @ 4.49pm
on (Arrival) {
= pleasure and visions of the future}

Good sounds! Your lead synth sounds like it is clipping the tune out. Compress him and adjust eq. He is nice, though--a good synth he be.


Pullman, eh? Attending school?

Much love from the other side of the mountains!

posted : 2006.Nov.26 @ 4.57pm
Thanks for the tip. I've looked into it, and do believe it is the shoddy media player that they provide at mySpace. Turning its volume down half way and my speakers up, it seems to go away.

Yes, I just graduated from WSU with a degree in Arts of Fine-ness, the m-phazis being in manifesting digitality. I am only here for a wee bit longer, Portland is on the near horizon.

posted : 2006.Nov.26 @ 5.11pm
I imagine Pullman is probably not the most "visionary" college environment >> Portland is a good destination.

My mastering advice is mediocre at best. Only recently did I purchase studio monitors liberating myself from a past of much clipping out. For a long time I didn't care, as music was not a big priority.

posted : 2006.Nov.26 @ 5.31pm
Haha, yeah.... Let's just say I've had lots of time to myself during my college career. The landscape is profound, though.

I'm right there with you on mastering, man. I have some decent speakers, but not monitors like one would prefer. I'm still trying to figure it all out.


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