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posted : 2006.Nov.23 @ 6.18pm
I havnt been here in ages but I thought I would pop in and drop this.
I just finished it, its the first in an oil series that I am working on.
It took about 10 hours over a period of a few months.
Id love to hear the crits and comments.


posted : 2006.Nov.23 @ 10.59pm
That looks really great! What is the dimensions? (and do you have a larger image? I'd like to see the color spread.)

Conceptually its great, radiant of feminine character. Color scheme reflective of the Fauvists, nice nod to the painters and paintresses of yesteryorn.

Again, I'd like to see a larger image, but from this image it looks like you have a great play between flat looking shapes and deep looking shapes. I particularly enjoy pieces that do this as they emphasize the optical-illusionary activity of interpreting shapes of color on canvas: a great interplay between the creative "imaginary" noumena and more secure and "solid" phenomena (2d apperance versus 3d appearance). Yet here both the 2d and 3d elements remain with a strong sense of mystical-ness. I personally quite enjoy when flat pools of color are combined to form shapes and figures, especially when combined with more "realistic" style objects interjected (as you have done).

I almost hate to say this, so a disclaimer shal be claimed: it looks great don't change it BUT:
The butterfly wing in the upper left almost seems a bit too cluttered (or shal i say fluttered), the top left is the heaviest part of the painting. I wonder what it would feel like wingless, with the bursting thousand petal flower nudged to the left to compensate the weight of the upper left corner?

However this is all mere speculation. A picture of a painting, no matter how good the picture, is not the painting itself. Especially a picture of a painting (which reflects light) on a computer screen (which emits light). For a true reflection on a piece it must be experienced in person.



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