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index « biological « event » Synergenesis 3 ( SanFrancisco )

posted : 2006.Nov.12 @ 11.30am
in every direction
ten thousand blessings...
croaking frogs

- issa

What if culture became the collaborative manifestation of each of our truest offerings…

Synergenesis is evidence of a world that does not yet fully exist, a world that we are calling into being through the experience of this event. This is intended to be a magnetic portal, bringing diverse yet aligned people together to exchange ideas, share resources, observe art, integrate experience and create culture. This Visionary Culture CoLaboratory will not support the present system of environmental exploitation, social alienation and spiritual commodification. The art at its core is not just painting, though it is that; not just poetry, nor just music, nor just an audience observing a show. This art is nothing less than the full integration of creative manifestation and daily life; of technical craft, spiritual practice and cultural experimentation. We are collectively dissolving the boundaries between audience and performer, between work and play and activism and prayer, tapping art’s endless potential for healing, community and transformation.

This event is serving as a powerful catalyst for the (r)evolutionary creators of our time to converge and collaborate on manifesting the world our art is born from, creating a portal through which our collective vision is crystallized and potentiated: a Synergenesis.

This year hosts an incredible collective of visionary artists including

There is also an visionary linkup of Prayerformers including:

Isis Indriya
Eve : LadyApples
Audette Sophia
Sasha Rose
Anahata Monarch Pace
Lynzee Dava Lynx
Nikila Badua
Marisa Scirocco
Krsangi Devi Dasi
Jody Starfish
Isaac Rappaport
Jessica Bottomly

The event will be followed by an Official Afterparty : GALACTATE
by False Profit and Dub Beautiful Collective
-Seedling Escape aka Ooah and Kitty-D
-LUX aka Rodman
-Danny Corn
-Sariah Storm

The next day is a trunk sale
Sunday, November 19
from 1pm--8pm
featuring Djs and live performance all day as well as
independent world class designers will be featuring original collections of jewelry, clothing and accessories. Unique wearable art & fashion from:

• Alien Ambassador
• Ben Ben Stone
• Carob
• Compound
• Crystal Mafia
• GlobalEyes
• Holistic Body Therapy
• Jan Hilmer
• Krsangi Devi Dasa
• Melissa Wynne Jones
• Narayani
• Phoenix Rising
• Raven Creations
• Sasha Rose
• S'elf Designs
• Thinley Wangmo

there is more information at

tickets are selling fast
and are avaliable online
get yours now to ensure attendance

posted : 2006.Nov.26 @ 8.23pm
wow, i would so love to see people's photos here

Pulsing Love Pulsing Love Pulsing Love


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