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posted : 2006.Jul.22 @ 8.01am

We are publishing an art book entitled 'Metamorphosis' mid to late 2006
This book will present the work of 50 contemporary artists of the Surreal Art, Fantastic Realism, Psychedelic & Visionary art traditions. We have endeavoured to compile a balanced publication, showing the extremes of both ‘light’ and ‘dark’ themes. The two extremes are usually presented separately, but we believe they belong together under the umbrella of human experience. By featuring the work of established artists such as Ernst Fuchs, Alex Grey, Victor Safonkin, Andrew Gonzalez, Brigid Marlin, Laurie Lipton, Daniel Martin Diaz, Chet Zar, De Es, Peter Gric, Kris Kuksi, Brom and Robert Venosa alongside that of relatively unknown – though extraordinary – artists, we have aimed to bring a host of new artists into the public eye. We hope that this publication will be the first of a series that will provide exposure for many more artists in future.

People who would like to recieve an email when the book 'Metamorphosis' has been launched are encouraged to register on The Surreal & Visionary Art forum All copies will be sold online.
More info here:

posted : 2006.Jul.30 @ 6.33pm

such a wonderful project : i am excited to hear of this magic
thank you for your beautiful work : i will surely sign up for the email

posted : 2006.Jul.31 @ 7.17am
Thankyou silverbirch. It won't be long now. I am getting more excited by the day

posted : 2006.Jul.31 @ 10.28am
yaaay Smile

after pouring so much love into the visionary art catalogues
promoting and deeply recieving their magical intention and light
i am beginning to get shivers in seeing all the similar creations
perhaps you can post here on this thread when it comes out!
looking forward to seeing any new graphics to promote it with!

deepest of love

posted : 2006.Aug.01 @ 5.11am
Hi Silverbirch. Do you run ? It is an excellent resource. I actually found some of the links for my resource on the elfintome links page. what roll do you have in elfintome? I would love to have an email chat with you. You can email me at: beinart at gmail dot com
Here are some of the artists and artwork that will be featured in our book:

Andre Martin De Barros

Ernst Fuchs

Victor Safonkin

Alex Grey

Eli Tiunine

Robert Venosa

Peter Gric

Brigid Marlin

Daniel Martin Diaz

De Es

posted : 2006.Aug.01 @ 10.54am
hi jon!

thanks for your lovely post!

i am soooo glad that the tome has helped you open the gateways for this magical publication! those images are a very unique and intelligent set of choices. i like the notion of a "catalogue" to unfold the magical potential of these books... i resonate with the idea of making it a promotional tool for the artists, really propping them out. eventually i'd like to make a catalogue for my online project, spiral lotus, including art and articles to make it a super special intentional publication. i'm also inspired by nemo's new catalogue... very artful and special and you can find it on his site!

i can't wait to find out how your book will be laid out... what kind of design might illuminate the images, and what kind of writings might accompany them, as well as what format it will be in! i admit i only skimmed the website, but i love that pod collective can act as an independent space where we can fully prop out our works, with images, deep descriptive drops, links to actually buy the product and beyond. in my mind, it's ideal for posts like this to be not at all dependent on outside links... even for them to be moooore lush than the others, since this IS a super special elvish nexus.

keep me in mind : i'm an affordable graphic designer who can create lovely images to promote the ness.

light steward : visionary luminary

posted : 2006.Aug.03 @ 3.06pm
How exciting. I just sent you an email Smile

posted : 2006.Aug.04 @ 4.16pm
Awesome! I love all the artists you mentioned, so sounds aces in my book. Very Happy


posted : 2006.Aug.06 @ 2.44pm
Thanks for your enouraging words Dusty

posted : 2006.Aug.16 @ 6.54pm
Jumping from the
bucket into the world—
frog in the well

- kodojin

this book sounds truly amazing
wonderful work

i help curate the elfintome arts collective (
as well as facilitating the

i am also cocreating a series of art catalogues (
and a set of oracle cards (

your work is ultra inspiring
and many of the artists you are featuring
are all times heroes of mine
who i have been wanting to contact for some time

thanks for all your contributions to the emerging art culture

posted : 2006.Nov.11 @ 11.47pm
Thankyou so much for your encouraging words Delvin. I am in awe of all of the work you do for our global community. The book will be released very soon now. should be within 2 months. We have a new domain for the book:


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