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posted : 2006.Aug.03 @ 8.54pm
Oh, these beautiful people!!! Razz

posted : 2006.Aug.08 @ 12.45am
Hellonious D-
many blessings from Elphinstone! Cheers

posted : 2006.Aug.20 @ 2.48pm
*giggle* ...

i want to make sure everyone knows
that those are the lime green ruffles
of a spectacular tutu

heh : that image sums something up for me
the sweet synthesis of silly and serious
superficial and deep

that colours the movement so brightly these days Wink

posted : 2006.Sep.20 @ 6.27pm

What's up pod people?! It's quiet in here these days.
I'm still messing with this new cam, Canon G6.
Soft focus most times, AF is weak.
Need to get to know it better.

Pulsing Love

posted : 2006.Sep.27 @ 8.02am
Me and Tater at the farm.

posted : 2006.Sep.27 @ 9.34pm
yay Smile

posted : 2006.Sep.29 @ 2.24pm

posted : 2006.Sep.29 @ 5.21pm
went to an today

posted : 2006.Oct.04 @ 12.33am

posted : 2006.Oct.13 @ 12.47pm
Yikes! The hair is back! Great shot Air. You always look so hep.

Here's some from Yosemite:

and the brothers:

posted : 2006.Nov.07 @ 7.08pm
woooh : halloween : elfintome represented royally that night at a shakti event here in toronto
i'm growing up i think : i'll be 24 in december Smile

hey air : i'm getting a camera, and i'm getting a swivel screen ALL thanks to your post and my realizations about your self:portraits following that. swivel screen is key.

posted : 2006.Nov.11 @ 6.43pm
wow so many intense and wonderfull portraits..

here be a few recent portal reflections

this one is all digital using custom painter textures and the magic of corels painter 9.5 chalk engine

and here is a photo maniputation created by my galactic partner Hero and I

posted : 2006.Nov.13 @ 9.11am
Amazing! How much of this is Filter? I absolutely love the first one. The hair is great.

Really cool.



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