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posted : 2004.Oct.04 @ 9.34pm
The coast in N California is breathtaking. Driving on Highway 1 was like floating happily through a dreamland, every direction I looked being full of nature and beauty.










posted : 2004.Oct.05 @ 11.04am
I can smell the forest when I look at these!
I miss NoCal so much. Nice weather change
as the pics progress. More macro next time Wink

posted : 2004.Oct.05 @ 5.05pm
like... thanx... forest - good... macro - good...

posted : 2004.Oct.08 @ 1.07pm
all request, all the time.
macros of treelife

posted : 2004.Oct.19 @ 12.32pm
looking at these pictures has really brought me back, I totally agree with air. I can smell the air looking at them.
here a some pics from the beginning of the summer.

There sure are a lot of bizarre slug like things in big sure...


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