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posted : 2006.Oct.03 @ 12.29pm
Helo there.
I was reading the fora a while back and someone had
suggested that we do a zoomquilt here on the pod. I
think it is a great idea, although not an original concept-
I am sure we can do a great job on it. Anyone else?

Safe Travels.

posted : 2006.Oct.04 @ 6.21am
Good idea Spore.
I looked up zoomquilts after reading your proposal,
the concept rules.
I'd love to contribute a panel or two to the flow.
We work together in planning, no?
maybe it could start on the top of a mountain,
and zoom into a star system, and we find a satellite
where a bunch of lounge lizards are free jazzing
and further and further into situations...until
we're back at the top of the
mountain again, so to speak?

posted : 2006.Oct.04 @ 1.37pm

posted : 2006.Oct.04 @ 1.57pm
what a wicked idea...

i'm so totally down!

how should we go about starting this process?

posted : 2006.Oct.05 @ 7.56am
I guess to start the process.... we should brainstorm!

It could begin in a rave scene, with perty people dancing about. Then the zoomer runs into a particular individual's thrid eye and the magnification of inner space begins!

I don't know much about Flash yet, but is there a way that, while zooming through the quilt-fabric, the fabric could oscillate (or an overlay pattern) and slither around the zoomer? So the initial setting is a gig with people dancing (Roman Villagrana's "Children of Jah" comes to mind), but the design is static. Then as the zoom endeavors into inner space / hyperspace, the patterns begin to complexify and move about the zoomer. The zoomer enters various bizarre dimensions (corresponding to the assortment of individual frequencies in this collective), moving through each as a phase. But as the zoomer gets deeper into the zoomed-fabric, the seemingly disparate dimensions begin to blend together (like Luke Brown's Totem pieces), unifying the frequencies until... The oscillating overlay patterns experience contractions, ripple-effects possibly, and the visions begin to dissipate.

posted : 2006.Oct.05 @ 8.55am
What I suggest is that we leave intended openings in each panel for the next panel to transition into,
of course that's the whole point of the zoomquilt. I like the idea of zooming into the third eye of someone.
That confirms unity to the flow, and maximum leeway for possibility.
I also like the orange ribbon in the nikkki zoomquilt Phong posted a link to, a thread that the zoomer can
follow. We could do something to that effect, a 'track' for our crazy rollercoaster of visual mayhem.
A moving pattern overlay woul be radical too, though it rules out html.
I think I will start sketching a should be uber wide, no?

posted : 2006.Oct.05 @ 9.02am
Well... The html version could be the quilt w/o the overlay.

A linking thread like the orange line is a good idea. But wouldn't it be neat if the linking thread was usurped by the concrescing, unifying flow at the end? What then will the zoomer do? hehehe...

posted : 2006.Oct.07 @ 6.48pm
i have a feeling a pod community collective zoom quilt would be the baddest assed piece of psychedelic third eye dimensional portal art ever.. second only to taking mushrooms themselves.

posted : 2006.Oct.09 @ 9.26pm
i have the exact same feeling on that.

i think it's like, everyone who's down starts throwing down visuals, and we all play around with what we've got and integrate that shiznet.

guess all we'd really have to each create is a large picture... start at the middlemost concentric circle and move on outwards while integrating with other podlings and their images.

yes yes?

posted : 2006.Oct.10 @ 7.29pm
Yes Silver Birch, let's start a little chop shop over here, and however we do decide to arrange, it will seam.

Highest honor to the manifestors of dreams,
Investing hearts humbly into art streams
With courage to create and relate
Thoughts and feelings of the innermost with yall blessed bunch.

Silly little poems...
Umm it's on (slowly sketchin' over here!)

posted : 2006.Oct.10 @ 7.47pm
wow that will be fun.

i will see if i can find the windows for something like that.
first things first : a big giant piece of paper!!!

hahaha Smile


posted : 2006.Oct.11 @ 10.11am
More zoom-dreaming:

Seeming that we are a scattered population, maybe we should work with themes in phases. The transitions would be easier to orchestrate. We might also want to form a creative alliance with the two (or more) artists on either side of our own panel.

posted : 2006.Oct.21 @ 12.26pm
WOW I did not recieve any emails that people replied to this post! Its so great to see people getting excited about this. I think for this is going to be a great collaboration of visual aesthetics and minds. I want everyones unique styles to shine through with this project. To ensure the project will be fun, productive, and consistent I think we need to set up guidelines, nothing too strict - just give everyone some basic structure to work with so one frame doesnt look completely different from the previous or next in a "bad" way. I say this cause we want the people viewing this to be engaged in this visual. We can even rethink the zoomquilt strategy, try something different. Possibly integrate flash animations or the orange "ribbon" they use in the zoomquilt can be a flash design with totally random motions while we move through the 2D drawings. There is much planning in my opinion for this to work well. I am looking forward to anyones input on what I mentioned above, I highly reccomend looking at the link phong posted (thank you phong I totally forgot to post that) and browse the site. At the bottom of the first page there are the creators names and next to the names are little squares- click the squares and you will have a good idea how they did this.


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