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posted : 2005.Dec.12 @ 8.13pm

I was following the thread from before with Silverbirch saying Lyoness is here... I thought they were two different people! That is, two different people with Silverbirch as a "podling" and Lyoness as her friend off of Pod!

Thanks for letting me know Air!

posted : 2005.Dec.13 @ 2.38pm
oh yes, i have so many names it can be confusing... a few of them...

lyoness, silverbirch, silvertree, silvermoon, silver, birch:asis, celebreathel, amy... that's not even getting into most of the elvish names Smile

very confusing, very confusing indeed.

hi nemo! it was awesome meeting you at synergenesis. i remember you well!

beautiful work, it looks niiiice Smile

posted : 2005.Dec.18 @ 8.22pm

This is my first time really messing with Photoshop outside of photo adjusting.
T'was fun!
Still seems like something is missing though...
Any suggestions?

posted : 2005.Dec.23 @ 6.50pm
it's so beautiful mike.

i could see another layer with a more direct shape design
emanating from the beautiful centerpiece
to guide the eyes along certain specific pathways
and to create unity between the centre and outer.
it could also use more colour.

beautiful beautiful work. well done. such a lovely first piece.
how auspicious to see it here.


posted : 2006.Oct.16 @ 9.22pm
I found an elf in my art a while back--he just needed another side and... voila!

This thread needs to be reinstated for the coming 2007 :ness. Collaboration towards unity! [That's what my momma always told me before I went off to school in the morning...]

posted : 2006.Oct.18 @ 8.14pm
Agape - I concur on the reawakening. The interactive:ness of this thread is one of the things
that drew me to to the podcollective. Here is a Z-section of your piece. I like your twist on
northwestern native american graphics.

posted : 2006.Oct.20 @ 10.11pm
You are Z-man! I will mess with this a little later.


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