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posted : 2006.Jul.22 @ 9.36pm
Spectacular thread!!! Everybody - what a treat for anybody's eyes... Shocked
Sandy, thanx 4 bringing me back, bro!!! Surf's up!!! Laughing
Becky, Air, Mark... ahh, the rest - coolest photos ever...
They would make A table book for every house.

" border=0>

posted : 2006.Jul.24 @ 6.40pm
wow dman awesome comeback! the bugs especially! air better watch out Wink

posted : 2006.Jul.25 @ 7.58pm
Sweet of u to say this Becky Wink , but somehow Rolling Eyes I think Air has little to worry about. So do u... boo-hoo...
Your photos are freaking great and Air always comes up with some new way to photograph the same bug and everyone goes "wow"... may be one day I learn to
produce something on that level. But it's good to be amongst great ones, indeed. So, me... just carrying along Embarassed

posted : 2006.Aug.22 @ 4.11am
Summer time and Podfora is quiet... someone's gotta bring in a bit of life here!!!
It's going to be ME Twisted Evil bua-ha-ha-haaa... Very Happy
sweet cheers from the Land of Smiles !!!

posted : 2006.Aug.24 @ 10.17pm
dman all of these drops!!! i love them! Dancing

p.s. our new apartment has very dramatic lighting, both natural and artificial... the sunsets directly outside our windows/balconies... so we get crazy shadows and reflections. ive been trying to photograph when i have the time, but not much turns out...yet...

posted : 2006.Sep.20 @ 7.36am
i went to the botanic gardens near where i grew up for the first time... they had an enormous collection of dahlias that were just amazing.

posted : 2006.Sep.21 @ 8.28am
Dear Becky,

These are botanically delicious. =D>

Cindy mentioned wanting to go there sometime but we never had the chance. You never went there on a field trip for elementary school or anything?

posted : 2006.Sep.26 @ 11.57am
Becky and Dman... just wow... Shocked Shocked

posted : 2006.Oct.17 @ 8.01pm
WOW! To get "wow" from Mark!!! Very Happy
Beck, these drops are for you Embarassed and your last one (lower dahlia) is simply unreal!!! Some photo art!!!
Good thing we don't have to match goodness here. or i'd stop posting... Dang, people! It's getting tough
to show anything stunning with posts like these.
But we are not going to stop... Wink

posted : 2006.Oct.25 @ 8.59am
Awesome images, podlings.

posted : 2006.Oct.25 @ 2.03pm
dman you'll get more. those colours are poppin' Wink air good as always Cheers Cheers

posted : 2006.Nov.25 @ 12.08pm

posted : 2011.Jan.30 @ 9.38am

Rarely do I ever post unedited photos.

I pondered this one for a minute or two and couldn't find a thing I wanted to change.



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