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posted : 2006.Sep.26 @ 12.03am
silverbirch boughs low

in the heart of the great paradoxical mystery of the one and many, of seeing and creating, communicating and being, humans have since time untold laboured and given birth to story. beginning at the beginning, the elemental languages of math, word and image have been ritually shared and evolved into the infinitude of sacred sequence.

in time, the mythologies of our oldest ancestral selves have unfolded dream, poetry, theatre, astrology, song, painting and all living forms of what we now call "art". through the thousand:fold passages of human history, we have been gifted with these stories : stories which, through complexity, reveal the imbedded language of one timeless, collective myth.

centred now in the compass of infinite chaotic pattern, the circle of creation is drawn around our collective body. the formula that unlocks this perfect geometry is a magical eliqsor : the fundamental medicine of life : a divine blueprint for the infinite, evolving story. feet planted in this moment, shaped into the likeness of this character, i call this tale the tarot.

ritual tools, talismen and timeless scrolls, tarot cards activate the evolutionary communion between our selves and our greater selves.

as people, made of this medicine called "life", the creation of an original deck of tarot cards represents an enormous experiential cycle of myth : seen, lived and evolved. a project not usually completed until saturn returns or much later, these opus offerings both communicate and embody the fine nectar of one life, well lived, at the heart of our collective dream.

let this ritual post reflect the beginning of a thread dedicated to exhibiting unique tarot sequences, prefferably posted by their makers. feel free to invite inspiring taroracles to come and expand on this thread. partially completed decks are fully welcomed here, and i invite us to share freely of our creative visions in this work.

how can we empower each other in the embodiment of such a potent offering?

let's find out.

posted : 2006.Sep.29 @ 11.22pm

inspired and inspiring drop

i am helping to work on a community tarot deck
that reflects the process painted by your opening flow

each card is created as a reflection of a moon cycle
13 cards eech year
then at the end of each year the whole system gets redesigned, remixed and upgraded
this has now been happening for 7 years

the tarot is a facinating and intricate
mythological storyline,
a set of relationships between a pantheon of different archetypal energies

having compared many different tarot systems
it is interesting to see the subtle differences and similarities
that hold the lineage together

one of the most inspiring
new skool tarots was created over a long period of time
by stevee postman and is called
the cosmic tribe tarot (

i would be interested to hear about and see
other peoples projects of tarot co-creation

posted : 2006.Oct.03 @ 12.22pm
I love this. Thank you so much. Heddy lecture. Great music. Thank You.

posted : 2006.Oct.14 @ 7.01pm
thanks so much for this delvin

hi spore!

indeed, del, it was this tarot deck, the galactik trading card oracle complex and the cosmic tribe tarot that inspired me to seed this thread. it has been an honour working in so many ways to support and co:create the galactik oracle.

the galactik trading card oracle complex is an open tarot system, where cards can work alone or as part of a whole deck. gifted, traded and integrated in any sacred numerology or geometry, each part of this holistic sequence reflects the infinite.

the cards express the classic archetypal pantheon of the tarot in the whole systems context of the galactik. through metapoetiks and visionary art by artists the earth over, these fundamental archetypes are threaded between the linguistic elements of the human self-experience as a more than human world.

each tarot card is woven with a spectrum of other oracle systems, which can be mathematically divined in groups or singles, in a thousand:fold of ways. the process is as simple or complex as the intention of the seeker. the answers are the visionary art of intuitively interactivating with an open system.

let's look at an example of this galactik take on the tarot : i choose

philourean / the star

click on the image to learn all about this card.

the poem reads :


story telling
sacred technician
unstoring the lore
and divining the manna
(galactik liaise)

elvish guidance
orienting the lore
displaying the manifold
and transcribing the mythic
(timing alignments)

stars companioning
a total memory of the found
(maps refine the vastness
stellar cartography
advancing the art)

- dax

now, let's look at the mirror to this card in the traditional rider tarot deck :

Arthur Edward Waite describes this card, in context to the rider tarot deck : "The summary of several tawdry explanations says that it is a card of hope. On other planes it has been certified as immortality and interior light. For the majority of prepared minds, the figure will appear as the type of Truth unveiled, glorious in undying beauty, pouring on the waters of the soul some part and measure of her priceless possession."

Antero Alli gives an open description of this archetype, designed to inspire unique tarot systems, in his book Angel Tech; A Modern Shaman's Guide to Reality Selection. Antero writes : "The seventeen card settles the energy disrupted in the previous phase [that of sudden change]. This card expresses the principle and practice of meditation. Design this card to remind you of your serenity, so that in times of upheavel you may access your calm. These are the still, deep waters of your innermost being... unaffected by the turbulence of surface realities. Center."

The Philourean dreams the "centre" of our spirit lineage into the original star:seed of timeless akashic wisdom. In this starchetype, we discover an ocean of truth (the "priceless posession") connected at every point. This inner character is reflected as the wise elder teacher of collective soul recognition : the star:scrolls where life energy becomes language, divining the eternal story of the sacred.

the galactik oracle is the open tech : i share my interpretation as a grounding point and a poetic exploration of this complex as a tarot myth. you are invited to see into this holonomic system in your unique way, breathing an ever deepening life into the template.

posted : 2006.Oct.14 @ 8.49pm
one of the first moments of revelation in my life, in the meme of creating a unique tarot deck, was while i was reading Antero Alli's rediculously intelligent book :

I remember surfing these pages with great reverence and care, and coming across (near the end of the book) Alli's fascinating breakdown of the process of creating a personal tarot deck. the pages were dappled with delvin's messy notes, since it was his copy i had been honoured with, when my elfintome order couldn't go through.

amidst this comprehensive instructional on creating a tarot deck, was a skeleton of archetypal rhythm which struck me as a wonderful tool. I quote it here to enrich the process :

the major arcana :


ZERO : The zero card isn't anything at all. It represents the void. Personally, it's that part of you which exists as nothing, nobody, no-form. It is your relationship with the realm of possiblities and, as of yet, umanifest potential. Name the zero.


ONE : The one card is when everything comes together into a single, unified direction. After the realm of possibliiteis (zero), a path is chosen or is presented towards the manifestation of a singular possibility. Here, we have a sense of being in control and in the driver's seat. On Target!


TWO : The two card reflects on what just went down in the number one card. It's our capacity for seeing ourselves in action yet remaining detached about what we're doing. There's a mirroring ability here, one which is able to create a picture of our reality. Get the picture? Think.


THREE : The three card feels a response to itself and is affected. There is a cerain vulnerable feritlity to this principle beacuase it is soft enough to respond and be moved by its own responses. It s energy recycles and renews itself constantly. Feel it out. Let your heart in on this one.


FOUR : The four card establishes itself and whatever it comes into contact with by defininig things for itself. This is the authority figure card... where you stand with power, initiative and the masculine principle. How you design this card will express your willingness to be powerful and do things your way. This is the "boss" card. WHO OWNS YOU?


FIVE : The five card sanctifies and approves of whatever the four card put down as law. This card recognizes the sacred and how we relate to its knowledge. It conveys the relationship to the teacher archetype in general. This is how we personally bridge our inner experience with our outer world. Express yourself.


SIX : Card six separates in order to understand how to bring things together in deeper ways than before. This capacity for distinction makes relationship possible. Without it, we'd be lost in the sauce of our own expectations and delusions. Design this card with the significant other in mind and how you'd like to co-create with your partner. Polarize!


SEVEN : The seven card protects and harnessesthe sacred powers released in relationship. If 7 is your lucky number, make this your lucky card. If it's not, let it express your relationship to discipline so that whatever you can't get by luck, you can get by hard work. This principle is related to the warrior archetype and his/her weapon, the shielf. Shield yourself.


EIGHT : Card eight tames the animal. Communicate the imporance of the ongoing relationship between soul and animal elements within yourself. This card could also convey the wild, strong force of the animal itself, tempered by a benevolent owner. Grounded.


NINE : The nine card illuminatesthrough the heights of spiritual solitude, peace and singularity. This quality speaks of a mystical clarity from the blissful merging with God. IT is a sense of being complete within oneself... wholeness. 9 marks the end of a major cycle. Tie up loose ends.


TEN : Card ten merges us with destiny. This symbol represents great forces moving lives, times na dplaces together for definite purposes. Random, chance meetings are no longer accidental. Synchronicity.


ELEVEN : The eleven card restricts, orders and clarifies the previous acceleration for the purpose of restoring grace to chaos. When you need reminding to get your act togehter, this card works well. Sometimes lifes ups and downs require tempering influences, something to help us take the reigns, again. How do you get back in control?


TWELVE : Card twelve surrenders to the forces of nature. The personal life gives in to Life itself... our ability to flow and roll with teh punches. This card symbolizes the socially disconnected state of Rapture and Floating aimlessly like a leaf in the wind. A state of total grace. Let go...


THIRTEEN : The thirteen card transfigures wahtever it touches. Transmit intense transformation in this card. Thsi card should remind you of your need to go through changes. Growth and decay are part of the same motion. Let this card destroy anything which inhibits freedom. Grow!


FOURTEEN : Card fourteen purges whatever is left over from the card thirteen as a test to it strue strength and resiliancy. This is trial-by-fire time. This card dedicates itself to right action and experiment to determine which direction is appropriate. What is Ritual? Test Yourself.


FIFTEEN : The fifteen card disillusions us so that we might see clearly again. It reminds us of our human weaknesses, foibles and flaws. The card symbolizes the pain and difficulties we endure when we either see the part as a whole, or reject a part from the whole. Silly, silly you...


SIXTEEN : Card sixteen activates adjustments and change in those areas requiring a reality check. Whenever you'd liek to know when to stop fooling yourself, design this card to reflect the relaity of sudden change... As unpredictable as lightning itself. Frame the unexpected and give it a name.


SEVENTEEN : The seventeen card settles the energy disrupted in the previous phase. This card expresses the principle and practice of meditation. Design this card to remind you of your serenity, sot hat in times of upheavel you may access your calm. These are the still, deep waters of your innermost being... unaffected by the turbulence of surface realities. Center.


EIGHTEEN : This card humanizes us, helping to recall our emotional fragilities in the midst of our strengths. Let this card reflect our capacity for external dependency... the "needy" side of our nature. It should recall our unconscious and as of yet, unintegrated "shadows" of ourselves... our fears, addictions and insecurities. Sleep.


NINETEEN : This card integrates rpeviously nconscious parts of ourselves into the daylight of consciousness. It also relates externally to our choice to become a member of the collective. Make this as bright and cheerful as the previous one was dark and perhaps, dreary. This is the light at the end of the tunnel.


TWENTY : This card perpetuates the lives of those who have come in contact with their eternal, infinite selves. Transmit the possiblitiey of living forever, or at least, the inspiration of eternal moment.s A highly spiritual card, its quality is timeless and ever expanding spaciousness. It signifies the conscious union with Spirit. Rebirth.


TWENTY-ONE : This card centralizes the self. This is the end of the cycle... expressing the epitome of material manifestation, where the whole is self-organized. This card is you as the executive and chief administrator of yourself... the central core of your true self. Govern yourself.


The prvious twenty-two cards make up the Major Arcana. The Minor Arcana consists of Four Suits with fourteen cards each . The first ten are numbered, the last four depict "royalty" : page, knight, queen and king. You are not required to build a "minor arcana" as the "major" may suit your needs. However, the following provides guidelines for the Minor Arcana. The Four Suits represent the Elements of Fire, Water, Air and Earth. Discover your own personal metaphors for these : Earth, Instinct, Water, Feeling, Fire, Intuition, and Air, Thought. Other examples should be explored to make these suits more personal to yourself

to elaborate on Alli's words on the minor arcana, check out Michael Waters' brilliant flash download on the minor arcana just here.

years later, Alli wrote an inspiring and updated article to explore the designing of a unique tarot system :

i give thanks for Antero Alli's profound wisdom and jovial intelligence, which tends to really speak from the heart of the matter, with a great respect for the mystery of non-being. This is someone who really knows how to ask questions. Thanks, Antero.

posted : 2007.Oct.02 @ 8.40am
Since 2001 a tribe of novice magickians decided to explore the realms of the beyond by tempting serendipity and the oracle of chance to create a community dedicated to Transformational Experiences called The Oracle Gatherings. This took the form of 23 events based on new tarot archetypes. 21 of these events are in the past and only the final two remain. As the main graphic designer for the deck itself I have been honored to share the creative process and design with the founders -- Michael Manahan and Isis Indriya -- and recently with Luke Brown as well (The Gift, Prophecy). There is so much to say about a 6+ year work in progress that has been nothing short of a total revolution in the way I experience the world and actively participate in it. Most significantly I have learned to read the subtle signs of happenstance all around me and decode the message the universe is always speaking in an ever-evolving orchestra of events.

The archetypal themes were all crafted as one, but the order has been determined by the community participation at each event which culminated in a card drawing ceremony at the end of each event. With only two left the aspect of chance has ended within the sequence and we finally have the complete picture that we told together as one.

More information on the organization and the remaining events can be found here:
More of my work can be found here:

Below are the archetypes that have passed in order:

Rainbow Bridge, The Fountain

More information on the organization and the remaining events can be found here:
More of my work can be found here:

posted : 2007.Oct.02 @ 11.25am

beautiful silverbirch (referring to what is now the following post). you distill the core essence into it's powerful symbol. very excited to see the evolution. and yes, the personal journey of oracle creation is amazing and powerful. as i created the cosmic tribe tarot, the world opened up in a synchronistic way that unlocked doors and places that I am still understanding, a process i will be eternally grateful for. community coming together in creation. thank you also osiris for your insightful words and images. below are a few card images and a recent image from my 'up-root' series titled 'excellent fragrance'
























posted : 2007.Oct.07 @ 9.29am

My first Oracle was Space Traveler.
I was fairly new to the underground psychedelic scene,
so it was a special show for me.

My favorite show thus far is King's Chamber.
Several different people came up to me and asked,
"do you embrace your shadow?"
Such magical nights~

Are you guys throwing one this fall?



Deep reflections
We should kick it sometime,
I go down to Portland often.

posted : 2008.Oct.10 @ 3.23pm

i am in the process of creating a new medicine oracle called arcana 
it's coming together first as a major arcana deck of 21 cards 
all paintings of symbols directly inspired by the plant world (medicine lexicon) 

now several moons before its official release 
i would like to share my process on this thread 
continually editing and updating this post with new images 

directly inspired by the galactik trading card oracle complex 
this medicine deck will also have a trading card element to it 
being also freely given as singles, and containing relevant info on the backs of the cards 

these will be relatively small cards, at half the size of a postcard each 
intended to act as direct links to the medicine world of the plant human story 
and reflecting key elements of that myth : each card a chapter in the work 

here are some recent paintings for it ...

this gallery will be regularly updated : 





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