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posted : 2006.Oct.06 @ 9.19am
Geo and I worked together for three years and have good collab chemistry.
Recently we decided it would be fun to do posters for music shows so we started with Geo's band.
He draws the lineart and gets me the scans. It arrived in seven or so pieces, some assembly required.
Then I do the layout, type, color and in this case some texturey stuff.

Listen to >> the Fairfield Fats Band .......... Kaiserblade is my fav and Geo sings that one!

posted : 2006.Oct.06 @ 10.22am
You should be making a lot of money doing this stuff for famous people. (if your not already)

Freaking Ace!

posted : 2006.Oct.06 @ 10.23am
Wow! That is really nice. I like the textury stuff.

posted : 2006.Oct.06 @ 11.33am
Awesome! Great collab!

posted : 2006.Oct.07 @ 2.03pm
Fantastic! Deep respect

posted : 2006.Oct.11 @ 11.59am
Now *that* is something I completely dig the hell out of. Awesome work to all involved Very Happy


posted : 2006.Oct.15 @ 8.53am
Apart from some details of the artwork, it's done on the level, where it's hard to tell it from the real 70 year old flyer. Great detail and
texturing//colorization is fantastic. Although it's a different topic, I agree that there must be a hi-end market for this kind of hi-end Art.
More, pa-alease!!! Smile
Rock Rock Rock

posted : 2006.Oct.21 @ 12.44pm
This is great work air!


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