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posted : 2006.Sep.17 @ 3.28pm
lol !!! check out this bit from the maluspina college site ; )

DMT is for You:

* If you are looking for an exciting career in the Digital Media Technologies field.
* If you want to add critical skills to your existing education.
* If you want to add a formal credential to your solid web design work experience.

The DMT program is perfect for students with existing credentials from a variety of disciplines. If you want to know if our program is right for you, contact us today.

perfect indeed ; )

posted : 2006.Sep.17 @ 9.57pm

what's funny is that this is just the kind of program i'm hoping to take!
just quickly get a credential and fill in a few blanks
so that i can apply my work to the world of proffessional design Smile

DMT is definitely for me!

that's a total confirmation of my path! haha Smile


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