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posted : 2006.Jul.20 @ 1.51pm
Hello fello fora flora and fauna,

For your listening pleasure I offer a taste from each arm!

1 Tabla Solo

2 Taiko Duet

3 the Flow

4 Djembe Djungle

5 Doumbek

6 Vibes Meditation

7 my need for speed -- Street inspired on a drive home with a road full of drunk club kids in LA

8 ...only 4 hours till the party, hmmm, what to do...TechnOhm

Reid DeFever aka

Los Angeles, CA

posted : 2006.Sep.16 @ 3.50pm
I am only listening to djembe djungle right now and am enjoying your stuff, will need to hear the rest! Keep it up brotha!

posted : 2006.Sep.17 @ 10.54am

posted : 2006.Oct.01 @ 10.12pm
As soon as I put on your tabla track I immeadiately smelled somthing was burning...
so I ran around the house trying to find what it was but there was no burning happening.

I came back and youre track was still playing... oh yeah...
and it sounds like your fingers are on fire.

Phatt drumming technology!

posted : 2006.Oct.09 @ 11.44am
thanks!! Wink


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