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posted : 2006.Sep.12 @ 8.00pm
Sup pod's and podettes,
I am starting a project and am trying to hit every resource available.
This is my senior year in college for graphic design, and we are
required to create a thesis project. It can involve any level of design
concievable. My idea is to be informative on the benefits of hemp
in the world today. I have done some minor research and know
this is an amazing resource with thousands of benefits and no
intoxicating effects. I want to express my message
to the people in a clean way. I want them to have the feeling you get
when you walk into a macintosh store for example. One kid in my
class critiqued my idea saying "I like your idea - just don't do anything
that looks like a "hippy" created it!." I enjoy the (for lack of a better word)
Hippy aesthetic, but it's something that everyone associates hemp with
already. I want to do something different, something....Any ideas?
Anyone know of any good sources to obtain information on Hemp
and possibly Hemp products? How do you like my idea so far?
I thank you deeply
Any reply is appreciated!

posted : 2006.Sep.18 @ 12.42am

i would focus on how it works as a solid resource
focusing on the quality of the materials that it provides
finding interesting ways to expand people's notions
on what can actually be better made with hemp

i would definitely not leave out environmental arguments for it

also i would use the whole plant as a focus image
instead of going with the classic hemp leaf.

lots of love Smile good luck


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