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posted : 2006.Sep.07 @ 12.31am

after 18 months of musing
on the divine nature of my family and friends,
i've aligned a show of my works
to share the new visions

the opening takes place in vancouver
on Friday the 22nd of September
and features the luscious downtempo music of ::

Anahata ( (11 pm - live set)
Phowa ( (10 pm - live set)
Bwar's Spiril Club a.k.a. DJ tagteam duo my amazing roomates (8:30 pm & 12pm)
and Christine Paton will be playing singing bowls (7 pm)

i'll also be hosting a 'dinner with the artist' (7pm-9pm)
Radha has super yummy food
and is one of my favourite vegetarian restaurants in the city

i will do a special unveiling ceremony of a new work (~9:49 pm)
i've saved for this particular occasion
and i'll probably blather on about how lovely you all are
and how you inspire the work with your divine natures
but it's true, you all are so lovely
and without the support and love of this community
i wouldn't be making any of this dream come true
so you'll just have to put up with me for a short while

oooooh, and i'm especially excited at the prospect
of hanging one of the 10'x15' banners
that i had printed in indonesia
off the side of the building
that should fully visible from blocks away
so keep an eye out when you're headed north on main st.

show continues until october 22nd
after which i will post pictures
and new pieces to the pod

any podular beings interested in attending
would be incredibly welcome
and places to stay could definately be aligned
for people coming from out of town

love inspires

posted : 2006.Sep.07 @ 10.21am
Good Work Even Smile its great to have watched the development of your work over the past year...
The visions are evolving nicely, and I am feindishly excited to see your new works!... so best of luck with your show!

posted : 2006.Sep.18 @ 10.27am
thanks xavi,

i'm really excited about the show; i feel like the visions are advancing and taking new forms. can't wait to share them with you.

i'm hoping to come down to sf early for synergenesis... maybe we can get together and connect on another collaboration...

love inspires


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