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posted : 2006.Aug.31 @ 12.11am
This link would probably interest most visitors of this amazing site, it's a psychedelic and visionary art gallery featuring roughly 115 artists at the time i post this thread. We feature beginning visual artists that try to make psytrance parties a visual extravaganza, as well as some of the already established names in the visionary circuits.

We also feature a collection of exclusive panoramic festival pictures

Kind regards,

posted : 2006.Aug.31 @ 1.17pm

looks like this website has come a long way!
truly an inspiring example of visionary collectivity
filled with power and purpose

thank you so much!

silverbirch boughs low

posted : 2006.Sep.04 @ 8.46am
Good one Rik... it was great connecting with you at the Boom. I feel deep joy & love that our visionary community is getting tighter and brighter every year... did you get any wide angle shots of the Liminal Village spaces? Smile

posted : 2006.Sep.12 @ 10.50am
I'm afraid that all the pictures I have from Boom festival are in the psygarden galleries already... I had more ambition but the temperature limited my mobility during the daytime to such extent, that i lived the nights to the maximum Wink

I do have one small panorama of the liminal village during the 2004 event, but because of the "nophoto" signs i didn't take more...


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