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posted : 2006.Aug.28 @ 10.35am
greetonious podlings :

silverbirch boughs low : passing along a little info
about what i'm going to be doing this coming new year.
i hope to see one or more of you in the jungle with me then!


sacha runa : intensive shamanic training

bolivian andes : amazon jungle

january 20th - february 25th, 2007 : bi:yearly

This rigourous course is designed for the serious and committed seeker.

Through this course we will explore the ancient mysteries of Andean, Amazonian and other traditional shamanic practices. The emphasis of this program is personal transformation, inspiration and empowerment through various shamanic techniques for purification, harmonization, ecstasy, visioning and grounding. We will learn about and participate in traditional ceremonies, sacred plant medicines, sacred dances, burnt-offering ceremonies, sweat-lodges, special diets, pilgrimages, vision quests, and beyond.

The course will take place in two locations, the Allkamari Retreat Center, just in front of the Illimani Mountain (23,000 feet) in the Bolivian Andes; and at the Wizard Mountain Retreat Center, in the Bolivian Amazon next to Madidi National Park, the region with the highest bio-diversity on earth. They are both located in lands sacred to the Aymara and Tacana Native Nations respectively.

Applications accepted by October 30th, 2006
E:mail Miguel to apply, or to learn more :

detailed course outline

We will begin this course by preparing ourselves for the Sun-Moon Dance with Inipi (sweat-lodge) ceremonies, pilgrimages to the holy altars in the four directions, preparing the Dance Site and preparing our tobacco prayer bundles.

The Sun-Moon Dance begins. During four days we will fast from all food and water while we dance to the sacred Andean music played by the Kallawaya shamans. These magical people will come from their far-away hidden valley to bless us with their ancient sounds and their burnt-offering ceremonies to the Earth Mother, the Mountain Spirits and the worlds of the Up Above, Down below and Here and Now. During the dance we will be blowing on bird-bone whistles, working with our breath to kindle the fire in the belly that will purify all our energy channels and possibly result in our reaching a transcendent experience.

We will dance around the tree of life, where All becomes One, where our center connects us with all beings, and the worlds above, below and here unify. Here the true meaning of peace and harmony among diverse people becomes a reality. We will dance back and forth to the tree from our places within the outer circle, never turning our back to the tree, connecting our inner heart with the world of our everyday, our past with our future, our vision with our reality.

We will take a couple of days to honour the special state we are in after the dance and allow ourselves to dream, recuperate and integrate.

Next, We travel to the Wizard Mountain retreat Center in the Bolivian Amazon, close to the village of Rurrenabaque.

At the Wizard Mountain retreat center we will participate in a sacred Amazonian tradition where we will take various plants to purify, strengthen, and imbue our spirit with their healing potential. We will participate in a rigorous 8-day traditional dieta, eating only rice, green plantain and certain kinds of fish. We will also participate in various all night ceremonies with the sacred Amazonian Sacrament for healing, Vision and Empowerment.

During the day we will take jungle walks through beautiful territory, swim at the stream that runs through the camp, take healing Herbal and Mud baths, and much more.

Following this 8-day diet, We will spend two days living with the neighboring village of Tacana Natives, sharing and learning from their daily life.

From here, we travel to La Paz, arriving back at the Allkamari Retreat Center, where we participated in the Sun-Moon Dance. We will make tobacco prayer bundles and Banners for the coming Long-Dance with the Sacred Cactus of the Andes.

The Long-Dance begins. From Sun down to Sun-up, we will dance around a six pointed star with a fire in the center. Offerings to the beings of the six worlds are placed at the tips of the star. We will dance half the night clockwise, half counter counter-clockwise, working with the spirals, descending and ascending in order to release that which no longer serves our evolutionary growth, and then to call in our blessings and materialize our prayers for the future, and for the highest good of all beings. We will end with a Inipi (Sweat-Lodge) Ceremony at Sun-Up, and then rest and process our experience.

Finally, we embark on a Pilgrimage to the Island of the Sun on Lake Titicaca. After journeying by bus and then Boat to the Island, we will make an all Day pilgrimage to the Sacered Holy Stone on the other side of the Island, where people from all over South America, as far North as Colombia have pilgrimaged to place their offerings since time immemorial. There we will burn Offerings for the successful completion of our course and the speedy realization of our stated purposes.

The course ends back in La Paz, at the Allkamari. We have a little time to shop in La Paz, and we say goodbye with a beautiful farewell feast.


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