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posted : 2006.Jul.25 @ 1.54pm
4 way collaboration
with Aloria Weaver
Eric Nez(both pictured)
David Heskin
& Jerod Knapp
in portland, oregon, usa

created in 8 days & nights!

(in a downpour)
((using only donated mistint housepaint))
(((this was our first mural!)))

posted : 2006.Jul.25 @ 4.33pm
Wow....8 days, that's crazy man.

Awesome work.


posted : 2006.Aug.17 @ 10.17am

here are some photos of the painting in progress,
there are so many it is difficult to choose which ones to post!


posted : 2006.Aug.18 @ 12.19am

incredible work : i am sooo pleased to see this
i had been wanting a closer look at this divine work!
this summer really has expanded us all
so far into our most profound dreams

blessed be : and thank you!



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