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posted : 2006.Jun.15 @ 8.14pm
I recently comissioned XAVI to paint this for my studio.
This thread will become a Work In Progress story of how it came to be.

Podular Manifestation by XAVI • acrylics on canvas 4'9" x 8'

posted : 2006.Jun.15 @ 10.36pm
Holy MotherOfAllMightyJohnMadden!
XAVI really pulled that one off.
perfect vibe for your studio.


posted : 2006.Jun.16 @ 12.29am
such a metta piece!

well commissioned mon amie!

I had the pleasure of checking it out at the Interdimensional Art Show in Seattle and talking with Xavi about the process of it's creation.

looking forward to the full storyline...

posted : 2006.Jun.16 @ 1.40pm
That's absolutely insane, man. Great work.

posted : 2006.Jun.17 @ 5.58am
Seeing this in person knocked me socks off. I'm seeking to obtain one for my little studio too!

posted : 2006.Jun.20 @ 7.47pm
I had always wanted Xavi to paint a banner canvas of some technorganic podular lushness for my work space.
So, during Podcalpse 2005 Xavonius began with this sketch...

While within my creative flow I wanted my view to be an emersive scene of specifically manifested podness.
A being of higher consciousness meditating in a realm of plants and speakers, pod symbols, Xaviness,
a palette of bright green, pink and aqua - and a composition to match the layout of the computer
and audio gear in my studio, as the bottom of the piece would be partially covered by it.

posted : 2006.Jun.27 @ 8.40pm
Xavi gave the figure a second pass

Phong helped out simply by breathing... the sketch was refined.

xavi and st.even : podcalypse 05 @ The Sandcastle

posted : 2006.Jul.16 @ 7.20pm
Next came canvas prep. Ironing out major wrinkles.


Some can action to get the background started.

Opaque projector transfer of the sketch followed by a tightening up pass, below.

Many things were pondered. Shoelaces.


T-Shirt stencils.

Before moving on to the brush phase XAVI decides to enhance the balance of the big light being.

posted : 2006.Jul.17 @ 9.34pm
Originally the painting was going to be spray paint, loose brush work and some focused
areas of tighter detail. We didn't figure it would take any longer than a couple weeks.

After being away most of the day the brush work started I returned expecting to see all kinds of canvas covered.
Xavi had painted some leaves at the top of the piece. They were technoganic bliss. Juicy emerald plant shards.

It was then we first got an idea that this thing had a mind of its own.

The sculptural being to the right of the meditation pod in both
sketches (thin blue lines blow) was replaced by more speaker flowers.

Paralell work flows : Phong : Xavi

Foreground tech.

As simple leaves gave way to more complex meta:shapes so went the whole painting.
Just as the right and left sides of the meditation pod demonstrate in the image below.

Each time Xavi went to work on an area it would evolve into something more.
At this point we knew it was going to take longer than expected. We had no idea...

posted : 2006.Jul.26 @ 9.53am

posted : 2006.Aug.09 @ 9.22pm
Soon after the Podcalypse came Synergenesis 2, the loving womanifestation of Eve 'The Lady Apples'.
It was an unspeakably good event filled with many treasured connections, sights and sounds of the highest quality.

XAVI does a bit of live painting as Cary Thompson ponders PM for the first time.

Sijay and Phong download some Daniel Pinchbeck.

Sijay translates the flow.


After that I got emails with progress shots that I would pieces together.

Soon a self transforming machine elf shows up, the big light being evolves and the back ground takes a bold turn.

"How was that done?", you ask. Xavi style!
Tape, blade and airbrush were unleashed during the Great Maskalypse!

Mask bits were used to make this sketchbook piece.

posted : 2006.Aug.13 @ 8.32am
More puzzles pieces arrive via email as Leaf Spirits appear.

Tech:plant synthesis is refined and a green bounce light added.

Light beings and self-transforming machine elf begin to materialize.

Cool idea...

...but it didn't last.

posted : 2006.Aug.15 @ 6.37am
XAVI what an amazing display.
The pod is a blissful haven.
Thanks for showing the final and the progress.
You and your studio must be happy AIR!


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