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posted : 2006.Jun.20 @ 7.59pm
Thanks all!

I had sketches for 8 more but as usual, I underestimated my own ability to procrastinate and they didn't get done.

I'm definitely going to keep the flow going and try to get into some more galleries.

posted : 2006.Jun.20 @ 8.11pm
amazing drop, sifu!
inspirational. people are flipping.
i am super honored by the level of ness you wove into Airvenosa.
it is awesome to see you back at it with so much imagination, drive and skill.
these pieces are amazing. make more soon.

posted : 2006.Jun.20 @ 8.28pm
I agree with everyone, this is magnificent work, Steve!
Keep it up!

posted : 2006.Aug.02 @ 9.02am
Wow, amazing stuff. I was going to drop you a line anyway, but now... i am simply speechless. I mean, who ever doubted you??!!?!? Not me, man... but just seeing this freshness. Oils on wood... Dude, thanx for the treat... Not to mention, that I look like ... like... I always wanted to look - SUPER-manly (i am so glad i took the photo)!!! Twisted Evil
P.S. Do you accept students Embarassed


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