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index « tutorials « Photoshop: Crackled Text

posted : 2006.Jul.31 @ 7.43am
I have no idea if this tutorial is of any use for my podlinks (or perhaps everyone knows how to do it), or worse - my method is too complicated Rolling Eyes
If so, I am sure I'll be notified ( I am sure of it Very Happy ) and we can all live happily ever after - cuz I'll simply remove it. However, some
may find it interesting enough, or something that will open their horizons to explore more of the hidden powers of Photoshop.
here it is - how to create crackled text, using default Photoshop filters:

>> Create NEW Document; make solid colour background;

>> transforming is up to you, once u have text as image... basically it's about making this text bigger

>> New Hard Light Layer must be above your original Text Layer
>> remember to make distorted Text Layer invisible, since it's created for support only: creating rippled selection.

this is the time when I am supposed to say - ENJOY!!! ... hoping that you will


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