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posted : 2006.Jul.28 @ 1.06pm
Hey guys,

I know it's been a while, but I'm still alive! I have been on the trip of a lifetime, going from San Diego, to the Rainbow Gathering, to all over! I am in Kansas City right now, and not even halfway done with the trip!

Check out the photos! Lot's from Rainbow, and the rest of my trip!

Here you go.

Loving you all!

posted : 2006.Jul.28 @ 2.29pm
What up, hippy boy! Having fun it seems!
The girl with the flowers on her head holding the sppon
is at a lot of SD parties spinning fire. I'll post one I took of her when I find it.

posted : 2006.Jul.28 @ 7.49pm
Hey Air! Yea, the people on that photo are part of the Ocean Beach crew. Most of the close-ups of people are friends of mine from before the gathering...

Hope everything is going good out there on the West Coast!

posted : 2006.Jul.29 @ 5.08am
The Left Coast is ragin' like always.
Tons of amazing events thrown by amazing friends.

Here's that pic:asis...

posted : 2006.Jul.29 @ 7.14am
really nice stuff there Scott - easy viewing and lots of really nice shots. Busy busy you!
P.S. liked cats aswell Twisted Evil

posted : 2006.Jul.29 @ 6.42pm
Thanks brother, glad you like them. I have about 500 lol, just grabbed whatever I liked from the first batch. Maybe ill post all of them someday, but the most of them are just for the memories =)

Im only 2 months into my year long traveling trip, and I still have 10+ months left! Im so excited, every day is amazing, its nice being in a different place every few days too.

We are headed to Chicago in a few days, for widespread panic, then off to virginia for some sts9 shows then north carolina for damien marley and ben harper! yay! We've been camping out in the tree's too in the one realizes you're sleeping above them, its great!

Hope everyone in the pod and beyond is doing great!

Jah bless! ;D

posted : 2006.Jul.31 @ 10.22pm
wowee : what a slick and smooth interface
that interface is smooth:asis
with a capital ASIS

dude : nice ness and beyond!

just the kind of thing that reminds me
of how much i dream of learning flash
it will happen ... and when it does ...

it will be so glorious!




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