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posted : 2005.Dec.13 @ 2.41pm

silverbirch boughs low to the earth

at the base of the magnetik crystal peaks of mount elphinstone, nestled by the ocean waves, amidst the biodiversity of lush rainforests, is a unique little porthole called the Elfintome. since about 8 months ago, i have been lucky enough to explore the magical worlds of this roots-up, meta-dynamic, co-op book and art store, and this has been, on every imaginable level, among the most fascinating and enriching experiences of my entire life.

deepest blessings from beyond
celebrating the rebirth of our website
and our new online catalogue

as a human species now on the brink possible extinction, we face many unique challenges, and are thus called to make use of our widest spectrum of personal and spiritual resources in order to face those challenges. the nature of this rapidly changing world is inviting us to discover ourselves as human beings in ever more profound ways, and in relationship to a whole system of life on this planet. in response, i have, again and again, re:dedicated my life to creatively hosting that kind of self-discovery and evolution for myself and others, and the Elfintome has been my primary resource in that journey, aside from my own bright spirit.

as an online presence, the tome presents a rainbow of exquisite visionary art prints, posters and stickers, as well as unique visionary art catalogues and oracle cards. a sacred space is opened here for the distribution of non-corporate or mass produced products. this focus on the visionary realms of expression is a powerful key towards the accessing of our greater selves as human beings, and our greater roles in this planet-time. visionary art represents a unique gateway into worlds beyond the world we immediately know, yet so much closer than we might expect. it is a language far less limited than words, which seeks to access and celebrate the divine nature of a vast and beautiful multiverse, within and without, which humbly requests everyone's active participation.

the online store is the financial life-line for a very special little elvin bookstore in Robert's Creek, BC. this enchanted micro-universe of a shop acts as a spiritual community-outreach project, in collaboration with the universal movement in co-inspiration (the UMIC), a visionary activation space just upstairs. the inner Elfintome is home to a meticulous selection of rare and other books, fostering awareness of deep gaian pathways, healing paradigms, world religion and spirituality, galactic mythology, ancient-future magical lore, entheogenics, linguistic design science, sacred relating, spiritual sexuality, time beyond time and magic. these precision-selected books can be explored in the archives online, and ordered through the elftintome by mail. more information is available through email.

i am so honoured to share the medicine of this empowered endeavour.

support intentional culture.
elfintome books.
helping free information since 2003

posted : 2006.Feb.15 @ 3.41am

so sincerely, thanks becky for the beautiful photographs that went into this.
your work really captures that elegant gaia power in such an exquisite light.

posted : 2006.Apr.28 @ 8.47pm
greetonious podlings :

in the spirit of exchange, i thought i would include here a thread i started on the elfintome tribe about ways that one could get involved in assisting the flows. something to explore :

shimmering blessings from beyond
silverbirch opening a ritual thread
to discuss some ways that this growing calmunity
can interactivate within this intentional project

helping free information
and bringing the magic home

thinking you'd like to get involved? silverbirch boughs low to all of you who have taken the time to explore this thread. since i first realized how much i wanted to help this project bloom in its fullness, i have found my entire life evolving in in a loving embrace around the work : and in a thousand unexpected ways, deeply rewarded. elfintome is a calmunity outreach project which seeks to empower the emergence of a sustainable culture rooted in the visionary. there are so many ways people of all walks of life could contribute to its growing sustainability.

<<< tha promotional realms >>>

1. ::: encouraging people to link to the elfintome web:site ::: the more links direct people to our online shop and magical interface, the higher our rating will be on google searches, and the more well known we will become for all the things we offer to this emerging visionary culture. posting on community web forums is another way of linking to our website within a certain written context for search engines to pick up on. be sure your website's page of links connects directly to the site as well.

2. ::: emailing people directly to tell them about it ::: delvin has fashioned an intentional drop about the elfintome, which outlines the project succinctly and with careful emphasis on certain aspects of the flow. we encourage people to send emails out to their friends and family, with personalized messages, and attaching the end of these messages, delvin's elfintome drop. it often takes several weeks or even months to complete an entire email list of personal messages, but this work is small enough to become a potent daily ritual.

3 ::: writing your own unique elfintome drop ::: the elfintome represents a culture that means something different to each of us : as unique beings we all have something unique to share through our work with the tome. elves who work well with words, after exploring the elfintome's role in their lives, might want to write their own unique take on the tome to email to friends, family and post on community web forums.

4 ::: hand out our flyers ::: often we have flyers printed, or files that you could print out, so that you can actually hand the flyers around to people, or drop them at intentional places.

5 ::: talk about the elfintome ::: feel free to actively explore why you love this project in the company of the people it's reaching out to. communicating honestly and from the heart about why you feel connected to this work can have a great impact on how valued the project becomes for everyone around you.

<<< financial support >>>

0 ::: purchasing products from our shop and online store ::: sometimes the most basic answers are the least mentioned, and occationally forgotten. in so many situations it can be an amazing thing to get into the habit of acquiring your books, artwork, music, crystals and more from the elfintome and its sister, the elfinstones. it's always such a great place to find gifts for the self and others.

<<< be creative >>>

1 ::: meta:tate on your unique role ::: what are you good at? what do you love about the tome, and how could you enhance and interactivate with that aspect? in the short term and the long term, what are some ways that you would most enjoy and benefit from activating your role in this sacred project? we are a visionary calmunity outreach project which reflects the world we are seeding. how can you be what we are all working to create through the tome?

2 ::: elfintome inspired artwork ::: usually this takes the form of ad designs, but i encourage people to express their love for the elfintome through art, for the sake of art. the creative power of visionary art can reach far into this multidimensional universe to manifest in ways we might never dream. also, all of the core crew who work so lovingly with this project can always benefit from regular re:dedication and inspiration to the endeavour. let the magic be communicated deeply.


work with this list for now : as the process unfolds (and it is a jounrey that could last a lifetime), you will naturally fall in step with your truest role in the process.

an open invitation to the elfintome superstaff
to ad to this list in any way you feel
and to all who read it
to respond in your own unique way
through ritual posts or email

once again
silverbirch boughs deep
and low into the earth

fullest of gratitude to you blooming creatures
for finding the time and space
for this powerful work

posted : 2006.Jul.07 @ 11.23am
In a moonlit night on a summer day,
the croak of a frog
pierces through the whole cosmos
turning it into
a single family.

- Chang Chin-ch'en

deep in the biodiversity of sacred mt. elphinstone, amidst the tribal
spirit and magical nature of the land and its creatures, there live a
collective of artists, activating in the disciplines of visual arts,
music, poetry, and a full spectrum of design and craft.

love from beyond
celebrating the renewal
of the elfintome online presence

connecting the love for the creative, this community has begun to
consciously link to many other intentional communities in earth,
forming an arts collective and tribal market : supporting the creation
and distribution of an ecology visionary arts culture art:ifacts.

these rare and special, limited edition items are bought direct or
consigned from their creators. elfintome is a glowing reflection of
what is to come. a planetary culture rich with the possibilities for
collective healing and sustainable growth.

with a newly developed elfincart online store system, the website has
been refreshed for ease and grace of use. each product is communicated
with a full page of information, to bring context and deepen the
process. the catalogue includes a rainbow of lush new visionary arts
produce to heal, teach and transform.

come inside and experience the magic.

elfintome books
helping free information
since 2003


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