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index « audial « new hip/trip-hop & psy-downtemp mix

posted : 2006.Jun.02 @ 10.09pm

Stream (128kbs)/Download (73min @ 320kbp) 05.27.06

artist list

  1. Cypress Hill

  2. Canibus

  3. Lusine

  4. Unknown (laughing sample = Liz/Shelby)

  5. Krafty Kutz

  6. Radiohead

  7. Beck

  8. Massive Attack

  9. Deadbeat

  10. Phoenecia

  11. Deadbeat

  12. Kinnie Starr

  13. The Roots

  14. S.S. Avalanche

  15. Waterjuice

  16. Infected Mushro0m

  17. Younger Brother

constructive critisism welcome x)

doktor J

posted : 2006.Jun.04 @ 10.16am
Well, the art is quite wiquid. The message feels similar to Mark Neal's recent Shpongle art - micro-technological overlay, embedded doo-hickeys, the biota meet the machine - up, up, and away!

And the tunes... I haven't heard Cypress Hill since I was seventeen, at another farm I used to work at, in a teepee, just took a gravity hit, Barkley (my Rasta friend's non-neutered dog) licks me as I spill over into a sea of bumper-car pools of circus consciousness - good thing you mixed canibus next, as I needed some temporal resonance!

Pretty kinky flow, Dr.

As far as the mixing goes, I have listened to your prior online mixes and I see clear improvement. I have little experience mixing hip-hop, but some with downtempo. Which one do you think is more difficult? (I would think downtempo, esp. psy, as the time sigs and beats vary so much.)

Glad you finished with Younger Brother. I am quite stoked about their upcoming album.


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