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index « audial « The Year Zero record is finally done!!!

posted : 2006.Jun.03 @ 8.35pm
Hey Everyone, The Year Zero record is finally done.
"Oceania, I will Return"

You can check out some of the music here:myspace

Here's a couple non album tracks
Holland, Say Hello (new wave mix by Chris Evenson)
Timeless State Down(rock mix by Chris Evenson)
To order a copy you can go here:Skipping Stones Records

It was pretty cool. We used a lot of the original four track stuff I did in my room.
and I got to have my artwork all over the cover.

If your one of the first 500 to order they through in a free 11X17 poster that looks like this.

I think our second record is going to be a concept album called The Land of Relics

posted : 2006.Jun.05 @ 7.04pm
I'm listening to some songs on myspace now.

Congrats on the completion of what i know is a long enduring process. Enjoy now the fruits of your labor, there's no sweeter time then when you can see how many people truly appreciate the art you create.

Woohoo go year zero! Very Happy

posted : 2006.Jun.08 @ 10.03am
Good stuff!

p.s. what's the concept?

posted : 2006.Jun.13 @ 11.47pm
i love it!
congrates! on finishing.
i will order as soon as i can.



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